Won Ravon, go budget Chevrolet


The semi-annual period was enough to understand that Uzauto Motors Uzbek automaker to unwind the Uzbek automaker, so in the export markets of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, the products of the Uzbek auto industry will be sold under a well-known Chevrolet brand.

About this concern General Motors and his partner Uzauto Motors reached an agreement in which the Uzbek side will return to the Radiator of the car Golden Cross. By the way, in the Uzbekistan itself, the same cars have long been sold under the Chevrolet brand.

At the first time stage, the rebranding will be held three Ravon models, which are now presented in Russia. Ravon R2 hatchback will turn into a Chevrolet Spark, Ravon Nexia R3 sedan will be called Chevrolet Nexia, and Ravon R4 will again become Chevrolet Cobalt. Car configuration will not change. But the pricing policy may be revised. At the moment, the price of three models: Hatchback R2 (from 646 thousand rubles), Nexia R3 sedan (from 670 thousand rubles) and Sedan R4 (from 678 thousand rubles).

According to Data AEB sales Ravon in the Russian Federation for 2019 there is no. But according to the ASM Holding, which has the statistics of registrations, it is shown that 184 cars of this Korean-Uzbek brand have been supplied to the account. Recall that the name Ravon appeared after one of the divisions of the Daewoo multi-sective concern acquired the Saudi investor, and one of the requirements was that nowhere should the old name should be found. Therefore, GM-Daewoo promptly carried out renaming.

Thus, Chevrolet in Russia will have two distributors: Uzauto Motors will supply cars of the Uzbek assembly, and under the control of «General Motors Russia» will remain American models. Sales of cars under the Ravon brand in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will be discontinued by the middle of 2020.

Once in the past decade and at the beginning of the current brand Chevrolet in Russia occupied the first lines of the rating of popularity. Over 200 thousand cars were sold per year. The American brand had a very wide range of model range.


It is also noteworthy that one of the pillars, personifying the past success of the Chevrolet Niva brand disappeared from the model range and became Lada. The first sales copies of the SUV have already appeared in the dealer centers of the domestic automaker.

Recall that in December AvtoVAZ bought the share of the General Motors concern in the GM-AvtoVAZ joint venture. Rebranding SUV will take place in approximately summer. However, Niva and previously stood a mansion from the other Chevrolet: the Russian office GM was almost not engaged in this model.

In the current Russian range of Chevrolet, there were only three American models: a large traverse crossover, TAHOE SUV and Camaro coupe. Such a set will continue for the coming anniversary. In 2020, the new products from Ocean will not be, and only at the beginning of the 2021th to us will get a new Tahoe, where, in addition to a gasoline engine, a turbodiesel is planned, which is initially included in the gamma in the North American market.

In this story about Ravon Renimming in the usual Chevrolet, the most interesting thing is, of course, the potential expansion of the Uzbek branch of the Chevrolet model line in Russia. After all, Chevrolet has excellent inexpensive crossovers. For example, an inexpensive subcompact crossover Chevrolet Tracker of the past generation, the same previous Captiva cross, as well as more expensive and modern Equinox and frame trailblazer.

However, thinking about expanding the line of available Chevrolet prematurely. Call over the ocean, these models are needed to bring into the Russian market, it means that we will get them. In the meantime, we are witnessing how the new Ravon brand has unsuitable. The usual Chevrolet is still more reliable in sales. The reputation of the brand is conquered.