Will Nissan leave Russia?


The restructuring of the Japanese automaker Nissan can lead to the fact that the Datsun brand has been reborn several years ago, can leave the Russian car market. What will happen to Nissan?

«Wokers to the fire» of rumors threw a Japanese edition of Nikkei, which is November 30th of this year. Reported that the assembly of Datsun cars at AvtoVAZ capacities may be discontinued already in 2020. However, among the dealers and employees of the concern, this question is discussed for more than a month. After all, actually the care of the Datsun brand from Russia is not the main news, in October it became known that Nissan can reduce production around the world, and most of all it will affect the budget brand, which the Japanese concern has once already eliminated, and then with POMPEY Again revived in Indonesia, India and the Russian Federation. True, no one received official notifications about it. But after all, everyone remembers how the production of Nissan cars was minimized and in AvtoVAZ and at the Lada Izhevsk plant. So the reason to believe that probably the closure of Datsun production in the Russian Federation has a certain probability, and high.

In fact, due to the financial problems of the Japanese automaker, it may not be limited to the Datsun brand only. After all, the problems in the Russian car market also experiences the «maternal» brand Nissan. It is no secret that such an extreme version of the development of events as care and this brand from Russia is discussed. The reasons are as follows — it experiences obvious problems with the model side, which affects demand. Our channel has already told that in October, Nissan’s sales left «in minus» at once by 60%, in comparison with the same October last year, and in November, the fall continued (-32% of the same November 2018), following the results of 11 months, he showed a fall on 22%. Sales amounted to 56.5 thousand machines. The plant «Nissan Manfechchuring Rus» was loaded at 56.5% — this is the average market value. Only

Fit business and Nissan, and its plant in St. Petersburg can attract a partner in the Mitsubishi Alliance. After a few years, the production of Mitsubishi Outlander can be moved to the production site which will be divided by one platform with Nissan X-Trail. (Now the brand releases cars on a joint factory with PSA in Kaluga and supports its download).

But the decision in Mitsubishi has not yet been accepted. And if it is in favor of an alliance partner, it will be a fateful for the future of Nissan in the Russian Federation. How realistic for Mitsubishi translate all the production, logistics and office to St. Petersburg until no one responds to this question.

The Japanese manual Nissan is going to come to Russia to meet with the authorities. It is unlikely that the concern can ask for some additional state support, Nissan is already receiving subsidies and compensation, like other main car market players. At the same time, the very fact of the outlined meeting may say that Datsun’s care plans from Russia are, and the Japanese, going to continue developing Nissan in this market, want to discuss in advance it with the Russian authorities.

But the Russian Nissan office operatively responded to the publication of Nikkei information. «We did not make such statements and continue to produce cars in AvtoVAZ. Today there is no change in the work of Datsun in Russia, «the representative of Nissan told. It was also reported that in the nearest Datsun plans — the update of the Russian Sedan on-DO and the MI-DO hatchback, as well as the release of new specials. How exactly the models intended for Russia are — is still unknown. There is no data and about the upcoming special versions. Recall, in Russia, sales of Datsun cars began in September 2014. Currently, the brand is represented in our country with two models — the Datsun ON-DO sedan and the MI-DO hatchback, which are manufactured at AvtoVAZ facilities (along with Lada Granta).

If the two Datsun models are then going to share a common platform from Lada Granta. But it’s no secret that, after a couple of years, Granta wants to translate the Franco-Japanese Alliance to the platform. And then what will happen to Datsun?

The closure of the plant «Nissan Manofechchuring Rus» will greatly hit in the St. Petersburg car cluster. Recall that in 2015, GENERAL MOTORS was closed here. Buyer for these assets has not yet been found. Also there were no buyers and another Ford-Sollers Enterprise, located nearby in Vsevojolk Leningrad Region. The press showed that two investors showed interest in him. If a solution is made on Nissan, it will greatly hit the cluster based on the cluster based and well-started work in the last one and a half decades. There can be only two large plants — «Hyunda Motor Manuff Turing Rus» with a capacity of 235 thousand cars and a Toyota plant with a production capacity of 100 thousand cars per year.

Nevertheless, we just have to expect the further development of events. After all, we already know what the restructuring may end. Example Ford in all before your eyes. But I do not want a brand from the first line of the world car industry from Russia. After all, the post-block crisis caused the care of a sufficient number of brands, and the proposal in the Russian market, in turn, was still husinched.