Why Skoda considers Russia a developing world market


Replaced by the leadership of the German car concern Volkswagen about a year and a half ago changed the global control system of the automotive company. For the activities of the Group in each region of the world outside Europe, only one of the major brands belonging to the VOLKSWAGEN AG structure will be responsible.

Such decentralization of management will speed up decision-making within one region, and in the end the German giant will be more flexible and efficient. Per

And here we come to the most interesting.

It turns out that the Czech company Skoda was appointed curator of the Russian Federation.

Now the Czech brand chooses the direction of the development of the Volkswagen concern and decide on the withdrawal (or not output) of new models of all brands that are included in the Volkswagen group.

In addition, Skoda has become a curator of a very specific car market of India. Here on the shoulders of the Czech concern lay the implementation of the India 2.0 project, which involves the creation of local models for the specific needs of the local market.

One and a half years have passed, and it is natural to ask a question, and what has changed, what approaches to the work of a German concern and all subsidiary brands are confessed in his Czech division in their activities in the Russian market and whether they give results.

Our channel carefully read in an interview with the head of Skoda in Russia Yana Prakhazki Internet portal Mail.Ru. What did we hear?

At first there were flattering words about the Russian motorist. Is it different from the European?

That is why cars that the Czech automaker sells in Russia, in its philosophy, no difference from those produced in Europe. And if there is any difference, then in the trifles, they are associated with more severe weather conditions in the country, and, accordingly, lead to small refinements: the larger tank capacity with a washer, more powerful windshield heating and so on.

Such a comparison of the Czech top manager can be viewed from two positions.

Large and niche

Why not start the production of Skoda Superb in Russia? After all, big sedans are well bought here: an example of Toyota Camry and Kia Optima confirms. (Recall that Superb car D-class and the largest in the model line of the Czech mark). Yang, Karakaya said that the cost of localizing the production of this model in the Russian Federation was calculated several times. And as a result, the Czechs said goodbye to this idea — the local production of Superb in Russia. Making this car in Russia for Skoda is economically unprofitable. Currently, the Czech automaker prefer to emphasize efforts in other, more sought-after segments. (Recall that Skoda and Volkswagen are in search of a place for the plant, where they will produce both SuperB and VW Passat).

The Czech top manager also noted that it is not planned to return to Russia niche machines: RS sports versions, «off-road» Octavia Scout, all-wheel drive versions of Octavia. There is no economic meaning in Russia in Russia due to their small sales — the word «niche» is key here. And if you bring them from Europe, then by virtue of taxation they are too expensive.

Become leaders of mass

Yang Rube stated that in the Russian market, the Czech brand in the group of leaders. «But we have, what to strive for. According to the results of 2019, Skoda ranked 7th in Russia. On the one hand, this is a good result. But we set themselves a much more ambitious goal. And KaroQ crossover should help us in its implementation. In addition, we do not get closed on SUV. Skoda Rapid and Octavia are well sold, because it is «honest» products: customers who buy such cars always understand what they are getting, «said the head of the brand.

Updated Skoda Rapid and Octavia, apparently, should consolidate last year’s success of the brand, selling which increased by 8%, while the car market of the Russian Federation showed 2% decline.

But still, the main novelty of 2020 is the Czech crossover Skoda Karoq. At the moment, prices are announced only on Karoq in rich versions with a 1.4 l / motor (price from 1,499 thousand rubles). Basic versions of the model are planned to withdraw later.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the release will begin in Nizhny Novgorod Karoq with an atmospheric gasoline engine 1.6 liters with mechanical, and a little later with an automatic transmission. It is on this model with a 1.6 l engine, which is produced in Kaluga, the main rate is made. This version of the crossover, according to the manager, will be the most popular. The cost of KAROQ 1.6 in the starting configuration Active will be less than 1.3 million rubles.

Yang Crack noted: «We don’t mean the» basic version «concept. Skoda Karoq Active will already have everything necessary: air conditioning, heated armchairs, multimedia system, 4 airbags, stabilization system and help starting on the rise, tire pressure sensors, ISOFIX system, etc. And remember — we have not only fixed configuration. If the client is missing something, then it can be easily ordered, and without overpaying for unnecessary other options. «

Nevertheless, the main principle of the work of the Czech brand on the Russian market was revealed in this part of the monologue. He concerned the youngest model in the line of Czech crossovers. As you know, such a model in Europe is Skoda Kamiq crossover, but it is initially said, in Russia it will not be sold.

But recently, a small crossover Skoda Vision In, which is made specifically for the Indian market, has been demonstrated at the Delhi Auto Show in the Indian Capital Delhi. Will it be presented in Russia?

The head of the Czech brand stopped in detail on this issue and said that it was impossible to take and simply transfer to Russia the production of a car, which was designed for warm countries. Many things will have to change. In addition, this car is equipped with local (Indian) components whose analogues are not on the Russian or in the European market.

The desire to have a third crossover in the range Skoda. «But not yet ready to answer the question about the timing of his appearance. In addition, it is necessary to understand that the «small» now does not always mean cheap. The cost of car production is little depends solely on their size. 20 centimeters of the machine do not have prices. Engine, suspension, security systems, interior decoration, etc. have the price. And discussing the withdrawal of a small crossover, we must first carefully calculate — whether it makes sense, «said Yang swab.

That is, the Czech top manager has hinted for the third time, the low tank of the car market in the Russian Federation in monetary terms, the low solvency of the Russian population does not yet allow to produce in the Russian Federation a large Skoda Superb sedan, nor a small Skoda Visionin crossover nor the charged Octavia versions. Therefore, the main activity of Skoda in Russia is the local production of running models. Disposable to the Russian market What will have demand in the mass segment.


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