Why Renault was discussed from Moscow


The oldest automotive production of the Russian Federation can move

The demand for cars is a marker of the overall welfare of citizens of the country. In the period of the newest history of the Russian Federation, the largest demand for cars came in 2012. Then citizens acquired 2.9 million passenger cars. Since then, the record has not been surpassed. Next 2013 also observed a high demand for cars. This period will go down in history as a step of high automotive prosperity. In the period from the crisis 2009 to 2014, more than 8 million passengers were sold.

During this period, some euphoria was observed in relation to automotive prospects of the Russian Federation. Leading world automakers opened their assembly enterprises based on the fact that the Russian market will take off to the volume of 3.5-4 million cars per year. And the forecasts of world consulting companies argued that the Russian Federation will become the market number 1 in Europe, overtaking the FRG. Then the number of assembly sites exceeded two dozen, and the aggregate power of all auto plants amounted to 3.56 million cars per year.

But then the Crimean events occurred and the next crisis came. Sales of new cars collapsed twice. There was a collapse and a purely pragmatic calculation appeared against the Russian car market. Forecasts no longer differ optimism — the most bolds say that in the coming years the ceiling car market in the Russian Federation will not exceed 2 million cars. In reality, over the past year, the tank car market amounted to 1.76 million units. The well-being and income of the population broke into the problem, which today they speak even in the top echelons of the Russian government.

Reducing the volume of car sales led to the fact that the assembly sites are not loaded, the automotive plants produce losses, workers often need to be released in forced vacation and stop the conveyor. Recall that the average loading of auto plants in the Russian Federation is about 45%. The only enterprise that works at full capacity

Auto-finders solve the problem of loading created in Russia of capacity, in various ways: from exporting machine manufactured to other markets outside the Russian Federation until a complete stop and closing of the created capacities.

However, the rescue of the imminent work of the hands is immentable. Therefore, automakers as part of their organizational and managerial tasks seek opportunities to increase the loading of their assembly capacities and exit the break-even production.

Such a difficult task is today before the leadership of the largest domestic enterprise AvtoVAZ.

Since now all the affairs on AvtoVAZ, located in Tolyatti, leads the Renault Group in the framework of a joint venture with the state corporation Rostech, then the French managers were born interesting ideas, as the most efficiently downloading the plant. This recently reported Internet resource Drom.ru. Sergey Tsyganov, an expert of this resource told that the further existence of the Renault plant in Moscow under threat. According to unconfirmed information, through

Such a scenario is considered and is associated with the reduction in the costs of the Franco-Japanese alliance and the presence of a large number of unloaded production lines in Tolyatti.

A promising production optimization scheme will look as follows. Chevrolet Niva SUV production will be transferred from the GM-AvtoVAZ enterprise to the third thread of the main conveyor of AvtoVAZ. Lada 4×4 is available on the same line. The conveyor is still loaded only on the fifth part of the calculated power. Transfer Chevrolet Niva to the perimeter of AvtoVAZ will occur at approximately in 2021 and will be combined with the modernization of the model. Both «Niva» will be issued at least until 2026.

Recall that from three threads of the main conveyor today on AvtoVAZ left two — the first and third.

According to the source, it is also possible to continue the release of cars on the platform B0 in Moscow until it is cost-effective with the subsequent full closure of the plant. At GM-AvtoVase, in this case, the release of more advanced alliance crossovers will initially begin. However, shortcomings are visible. For example, there is no mention of the Izhevsk platform Lada Izhevsk. But its loading is also incomplete. And the transfer to the capital of Udmurtia, a number of models would become a significant step in business restructuring.

When we read this information, I immediately remembered such an interesting fact. The Metro District «Textiles» in Moscow, where the company Renault Russia is located, and the plant AZLK (Moskvich) was previously called «Sukina Mobbing». It is heated with various negative mysticism, and has not had the best reputation. When the «Moskvich» stand in the bose, the old-timers of the capital immediately remembered the «swamp». Maybe on the fate of the enterprise Renault Russia will also affect the «Sukino swamp»?