Why Kia puts to atmospheric


The Russian fans of the Korean brand are looking forward to the appearance on the sale of a new stylish Kia Seltos crossover, the production of which began on the Kaliningrad enterprise Avtotor.

This sweet tomression does not even overshadow information about the Kia Mohave framework SUV, which has approved the type of vehicle (FTS), whose sales will begin in March next year. Mohave will continue to have a non-alternative Turbodiesel V6 3.0, especially for the Russian market, deformed from 260 to 249 hp. The maximum torque is unchanged 549 nm, and an eight-step «automatic» works in a pair.

But on SELTOS diesel, it will not be for definition.

The other day the list of aggregates will be known to be installed on a compact crossover, since it also received approval of the type of vehicle (OTTS). In fact, what power units will be in the engine compartment of new items, no special emotions cause. A set of engines and transmissions from localized parquets (its release will also be organized at the Kaliningrad company) is somewhat different from the list of motors for other markets. This is no wonder, the Russian motorist loves atmospheric motors.

The basic will be atmospheric 1.6, familiar by Hyundai Solaris / Kia Rio models with the G4FG index. Equipped with such a power unit, the SELTOS crossover will be available both with front and complete drive. And the front-wheel drive versions of the motor return will be slightly higher: 123 hp and 151 nm against 121 hp and 148 nm at the crossover with four driving wheels. Both options, judging by the document, will be compatible with both «mechanics» and with a six-speed «machine».

Also familiar to Russian motorists a two-liter atmospheric motor, which develops capacity 149 hp and 180 nm with G4NH index. It will be aggregated exclusively with the variator. To choose from the buyer such a car will be provided with both front and complete drive. Koreans call the Variator IVT, the chain is used to more hard cars, for lighter belt.

But still, by the fashion of turbocharged motors on cars SUV, the Korean automaker could not pass. SELTOS also offers 1.6 (177 hp, 265 nm) and a seven-step «robot» with two clutches. Such versions will be exclusively all-wheel drive. By the way, according to the FTS, all modifications of KIA SELTOS can be filled with gasoline AI-92. Repeat, diesel units for our market is not provided.

The list of equipment is not fully disclosed yet, only the climate control is indicated by the Era-GLONASS emergency call system. Most likely, in terms of equipment, our SELTOS will generally repeat the version for the Korean home market. It is expected that in Russia the official premiere of KIA SELTOS will be held in the early 2020s. Probably the crossover will be more expensive than Hyundai Creta. And here it lies the rapid of the very question made in the title. Hyundai Creta is the most popular SUV class car in the Russian market. He even fastened with a pedestal of the permanent leader of the stamp Slaris sedan.

In front of the marketers of the Korean automaker KIA faced a difficult task. The experience of Hyundai’s partner testified that when leaving the new crossover, the sales of the Kia Rio sedan, and Kia Rio X-Line, would likely «cover». Part of the fans will restart on a stylish parckarter if funds allow.

Further, the new crossover can bite some of the «cake» at Hyundai Creta due to novelty, style, design and other factors. But in this case, the Korean brand is preparing an update — Creta-2020, which we have already written on our channel. Well, of course, the success of the new crossover in tested by time and other Hyundai / Kia cars atmospheric engines.