Why growing popularity among Russians cars with CROSS console


The popularity of cross-versions of passenger cars has been growing in recent years. Our channel decided to find out for which reasons, motorists are being resolved for the purchase of such cars.

The fact that we live in an era of explosive interest in crossovers can be demonstrated by the growth figures of the SUV class car robes. It is rapidly approaching the Russian market to the sign digital 50%.

Pseudocrossovers, or cars with cross designation, are gaining increasing popularity among Russian motorists, and manufacturers are in a hurry to take this very promising niche.

Today, few people remember that among foreign cars the founder and the investigator of this class of cars became Renault Sandero Stepway. It appeared on our market 9 years ago at the end of 2010.

Explain the reason why manufacturers of mass cars began to bet on cross-versions of their passenger models, quite simple. The target audience of such machines is young people and residents of large megacities, for which the effective appearance and increased cargo of the car is important. At the same time, high clearance is necessary not only for bad roads, but also for convenient parking in urban conditions, especially in winter, when parking pockets forget to clean, and the snow in them will be trambed in some snowy trees. And trips to nature, where the properties of the real SUV are not required, no one has canceled. Often, the country’s dacha is conducting acceptable gravel. Therefore, cross-versions have become an attractive alternative for many who cannot afford to acquire a crossover.

It is sad that the crossovers have recently popular for many Russians, alas, remain not affordable. For such buyers, automakers offered a more affordable alternative — cross-versions of passenger cars.

Today in the Russian market is offered more than a dozen cross-versions of passenger cars. And if initially it was exclusively «raised» hatchbacks (Renault Sandero Stepway, Kia Rio X-Line, Lada Xray Cross, etc.), then the cross-top versions began to receive both cars with other types of body: Sedan (Lada Vesta Cross, Renault Logan Stepway ) And Universal (Lada Vesta SW Cross, Lada Largus Cross, Lada Granta Cross). Moreover, the fashion for pseudocrossors was not limited to the framework of the most popular in-class and was already spread even on such niche in Russia segments as subcompacts (Kia Picanto X-Line) and CompactVany (Renault Dokker Stupway). Abroad also knows large classes. Recall the raised Skoda Octavia cars, or the German Audi Allroad models, or the Swedish Volvo Cross Country. However, today we are not talking about these cars, but about those popular in the domestic market.

And now let’s look at this trend on the other hand. The appearance of cross versions for various types of body is tritely related to the search for automakers of new niches to expand its model range, which makes it possible to attract the attention of buyers, including the basic model. (see infographics)

Today, the cross-versions in Russia appeared in a more affordable segment, while with very worthy optional and attractive design solutions. Accordingly, this segment becomes noticeable and will continue to gain its popularity. In addition, many SUVs have recently risen in price and have become less accessible to consumers. Therefore, in order to satisfy the needs of those customers who cannot afford such a car, manufacturers offer cross-country versions of their cars. Increase the clearance of the usual model, modify the body a little, to establish an acceptable price for the car — the current way to cover new segments of buyers and increase sales. Cross vessels have modern, youth and fairly extraordinary design and convenient to operate both on urban roads and light off-road, so they are of interest among a wide range of consumers of different ages.

Cars of class SUV captured in Russia the niche, which the universals occupy in Europe. After all, the Class C, D is the same wagon. In turn, cross-versions of passenger cars are a compromise, an intermediate version between traditional city cars and SUV class.

Cross versions of passenger models are practical body and good geometric patency parameters. No less important and subjective experiences of customers when buying and operating a car: the similarity with the crossover gives a feeling of confidence when moving on country roads or by city off-road with pits and codbins.

According to dealers, most of the buyers of such cars are transplanted on them from classic budget sedans, while making their choice by comparing with small cross-drivers. Therefore, the growth of cross-versions is due to the flow of buyers from the B-SUV segments and B-sedans, which are trying to combine the comfort of the sedan management with the external spectacular characteristics of the crossover.

What cross-versions of cars are in the greatest demand among Russian buyers? Unconditional sales leader in this segment is

Further in the ranking of the most popular cross-versions of the car follow the wagon