Why does the Volkswagen Golf family spit Russia?


For many years, the most popular car in neighboring Europe is Volkswagen Golf. However, Golf is a huge family of cars of different brands and models.

But the vast majority of them will never be sold in the Russian Federation. Our channel tried to figure this issue.

Volkswagen Golf, which is many years in a row is the main European car and has all sorts of awards, in fact the «father» of a hasty family, which includes Audi, Skoda, SEAT models. Moreover, each of these player market has its own chip, its own role and its own audience. Golf has become so named with the novel that the vehicles of the size class with Europe are called anything other than the Golf-Klasse. Since 1974, over 35 million «golf» sold from 1974. The most mass model in the name segment itself. True, in Europe. Successful Toyota Corolla is still sold anymore.

Today in this huge family is the process of changing generations. But that’s what annoyance, not all new items will come to us on our car market. Recall that in the period after the Crimean Spring, even the actual VW Golf left our market due to low sales. True, the German concern corrected this mistake and returned the model to us about a year ago.

New Golf: It’s easier than for Europe

The new generation of VW Golf is very similar to the previous one. But there is even a difference with the first buckle inspection. Narrow optics — the pride of the Germans. Matrix headlights with automatic switching distance are really great shine, but … they don’t look cool at all. Their Asian bends are weakly combined with the strict German silhouette of Golf.

Digitalization on the march. Cockpit digitized in full — physical buttons almost left. Forget about the analog devices: a large central display smoothly flows into a virtual instrument panel with a mass of configuration options. The key is no longer needed, its functions can perform a smartphone with an application. The main thing for the owner is that the cell phone is always charged, otherwise you can not get into the car. Motors? List long. Lithing and semi-cure TSI of varying degrees of forsing, two-liter for charged GTI, diesel engines, gas versions, soft and rechargeable hybrids. Boxes — and mechanical, and favorite DSG. But all these aggregates are not for us! Our golfs, that is, those who will be supplied to Russia, there will be two motors under the hood: 1.6 liter atmospheric (110 hp) and 1,4-liter TSI with a capacity of 150 hp Turbo engine — German, but our Mpi, Russian! Kaluga build engines will be sent to Europe to install on machines that will go to the Russian market. Logistics illogical and long, but it turns out cheaper.

Back in 2018, the production of the very first car from the Golf family of Czech hatchback Skoda Scala began. Unfortunately, the Russians this practical car is not available. We now have a ruler of Czech cars, now renewed Skoda Rapid, which is produced in Kaluga at the Volkswagen Group Rus factory.

And let’s still look at Czech hatchback, which actually became something else as a «cheap golf».

Czechs like this explain the concept of the machine. From the Latin name translates as «staircase»: the creators explain its choice in that the appearance of the model will become an important step in the conquest of the European market. After all, Scala will fall into the heart of the golf class, but at the same time it will be simpler and cheaper than its traditional representatives like the VW Golf, Opel Astra or Ford Focus.

The new Scala has a length of 4362 mm, a height of 1471 mm and a width of 1793 mm. Its wheelbase is 2649 mm. That is, this is a C + class car without any reservations.

SCALA salon is almost as spacious as OCTAVIA, and in the place of place above the heads of the saddles, even slightly surpasses it! A lot of pockets for small things are provided on the Skodovskaya tradition plus compartment for the umbrella in the driver’s door and ice scraper from the back side of the gas tank hatch. We will not get involved in the description of the car, which even despite the declared cheapness still do not see us.

Better turn to K.

As you know, the new generation of Octavia was declassified in November last year. So there is nothing secret about it. VW Golf and Octavia are still built on a common platform — this is a modular MQB platform, which survived minor improvements, but Octavia not only retained the concept of predecessors, but it became even more larger and more practical. Moreover, last November, the wagon debuted simultaneously with the Basic Liftback, because the version of COMBI accounts for almost two thirds of the model sales, and in Europe it is the most popular «shed». In this significant difference from the Russian market, where the most popular Liftbek. Moreover, the elefbeck of domestic assembly, and the wagon is carrying from the Czech Republic.

The length of the new model is 4689 mm, regardless of the type of body, that is, Liftbek grew by 19 mm, and the wagon is 22 mm. Preasing width — by 15 mm, up to 1829 mm. However, the former wheelbase, 2686 mm. New Octavia Spacious car. Passengers of the rear row is a great place for the legs, the volume of the trunk has been increased. Liftback compartment for the European market now accommodates 600 liters instead of 590, and the COMBI version has 640 liters curtain versus 610 at the same model. As before, there are handles in the trunk to fold the backs of the rear row.

As you know, in Europe you pay attention to the economy and environmental friendliness. Therefore, the main power aggregates of Turbotroom 1.0 TSI (110 hp) and turbocards 1.5 TSI (150 hp), both engines are combined with a six-speed «mechanics» or a seven-step «robot» DSG. Two-winning machines can be ordered in the version of the «soft» hybrid, which has a 48-volt starter-generator with belt drive and a compact lithium-ion battery. The electric motor can help gasoline in the first seconds of overclocking and launch the engine within the start-stop system, and the promised fuel economy is up to 10% over the WLTP cycle. 2.0 TSI gasoline turbo engine (190 hp) — only with a seven-step «robot» and full drive: Such Octavia can accelerate to 100 km / h in 6.9 s and dial 232 km / h. The new Turbodiesel 2.0 TDI with urea neutralization system is proposed in three options for forcing (115, 150 or 200 hp). We seem to be the basic motor will be EA211, which is produced in Kaluga with a volume of 1.6 liters and with a capacity of 110 hp. Surely, also in the engine compartment, TSI 1.4 125 hp

Evaluating the Golf family should not be stopped on a single car family, consider, pride. We are talking about the Spanish SEAT brand. The first car on the Golf platform was Seat Toledo. He was designed at the very beginning of the 90s, it is noteworthy that in those years Spain first took the Olympic Games and immediately this car of the Spanish Auto industry became the main driver of the Olympiad, which was glorified by the famous world votes of Monserat Caballe and Freda Mercury in the famous Barcelona disk. This is already a story that is unlikely to remember.

But today Spanish Seat on the rise. In 2019, sales rose by 11%, up to 574 thousand cars. Success brought crossovers. However, the most popular model of the Spanish automaker, which is part of German autocontrace, still remains LEON, which is the closest relative VW Golf. Last year, buyers found 152 thousand «Lviv», and the total circulation of Seat Leon in twenty years reached 2.2 million copies.

However, it is not immediately warful that the holiday of Spanish car life is not ours. As Ostap Berndder said: «We are strangers on it.» In Russia, these Spanish cars can not be expected: SEAT could not entrenched in our market and turned sales back in 2014. About returning nothing is heard.

But in our review of the Golf family, the fourth generation is impossible to pass by SEAT LEON. Look at what a beautiful car is. The head of the corner, the developers set appearance to please the youth audience, because according to statistics, the average age of the SEAT Leon buyers is ten years less than the buyers of major competitors. The team of the designer Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, who works in Seat for 25 years, tried to fame: New Leon looks great!

The development and preparation of production, the Spanish automaker has invested 1.1 billion euros. Of the features — the elongated and lowered hood shifted down the almost vertical grill of the radiator and the rear lights combined by the LED strip. Aerodynamic studies have become more effective by 8%. All light devices are already translated into diodes in the basic configuration, the matrix headlights are translated.

In addition to the hatchback (5-door), the universal is prepared. The arrival of the hatchback is excluded from the gamma. There are no sedans in principle.

The basis of LEON NEW-4 is a finalized MQB modular platform. But the wheelbase is stretched by 50 mm (versus 16 mm from a new golf): now between the axes are the same 2686 mm, which has a relative model of Skoda Octavia. Leon grew noticeably in length: the hatchback now has 4368 mm (plus 86 mm to the previous model), and the Sportstourer wagon is 4642 mm (plus 93 mm). However, the width is reduced by 16 mm (1800 mm), and the height has almost changed. The salon became noticeably spacious, but the volume of the trunk at the hatchback is former: 380 liters under the shelf. The supermarket compartment is increased from 587 to 617 liters however, it is enough about this member of the family. Anyway, we will not have it. And who will be more?

Third Fourth Audi.

So, the presentations and even selling VW Golf, Skoda Octavia and Seat Leon began, only the snag remained for another member of the Golf team. But we can tell you that firstly, the Audi A3 hatchback will definitely be sold in Russia, and secondly, the premiere of the fourth generation of the car will take place on March 3 of this year.

Paparazzi repeatedly «caught in the lenses» Audi A3 prototypes on common roads, and we are talking not only about five-door hatchbacks: the premiere is also prepared (attention !!!) … Sedan and «charged» version of Audi S3.

What will be the new «Troika» from Audi? Apparently, nothing revolutionary in design will not. This can be judged by the photo of the hatchback in light camouflage. But what can be argued exactly, then for the MQB family there will be a serious set of new things. This is an extended line of hybrid power plants, as well as an interior with a virtual dashboard and a wide screen of the media system.