Why do we, comrade, premium exeed?


Chinese automakers want to «take» the Russian car market with a big sentence of their model range.

Apparently, the philosophy of companies from the Middle Kingdom is the more the choice, the sooner the buyer will choose a car, is a certain pillar of their marketing.

This time, the whole wipes of new products announced the Chinese company Chery. At the end of last year, the company found himself on the 27th place in the ranking of the Russian car market drawn up by the European Business Association (AEB). And this is already somehow indecent for the company, which leads its activities in Russia from the very beginning of the marks of the last decade. Chronologically came to the Russian market later, such companies as Geely and Haval have greater success among Russian motorists, and sold one and a half or two times more cars than Chery last year.

But Chery does not lose optimism about the market of a neighboring country and seriously prepare their premium sub-worn exeed here.

Certificate of the eponymous trademark under the number of RU 2019768426 appeared in the open base of the Rospatent.

In China, EXEED cars are sold for three years since 2017. They are luxury versions of ordinary Cery models built on the same nodes and units, but with an individual design and richer equipment.
The Chinese premium brand should come to Russia very soon, in the first quarter of this year. And the first model EXEED for Russians, we remind, will be the mid-sized TXL crossover with a length of 4775 mm, which is produced in China for more than two years.

According to the latest data, Exeed TXL will be offered in Russia only with a five-seater salon. There will be three configurations to choose from, all — with a non-alternative 1,6-liter T-GDI turbo engine with a capacity of 190 hp, a 7-speed «robot» DCT7, as well as front or complete drive.

How much will be the premium «firstborn» Chery in Russia, in his homeland at the current rate the price is equivalent to 1.23 — 1.6 million rubles. Now it remains only to convince the Russian motorist, that this is a real premium and it stands for its money.

Recall that last year 6,357 Russians were convinced that the Chinese brand was good and for crossovers worth postponing a certain amount. Moreover, as AEB shows us, the gift of persuasion tends to grow. Sales growth Chery sales amounted to 13% compared to a year earlier. And this is a good result in the Russian market fell by 2.3%.

But at the output of the premium subbreak Chery will not stop. Chinese automakers wants to convince Russians that a large Chinese crossover is a real alternative to Japanese, Czech and German classmates. In the same open-pit base of Rosstandard, approval of the type of vehicle (FTS) appeared on Chery Tiggo8. This is the oldest model, the largest crossover in the schema of the Chinese company. A 4700 mm long model debuted in China almost two years ago and has already managed to survive even one update, as a result of which a new salon appeared. In Russia, Tiggo 8 is certified in versions with two or three rows of seats (five or seven places, respectively), that is, actually it is classmate Parketnik Skoda Kodiaq.

The Chinese Tiggo 8 market is offered with 1.5 TCI (156 hp, 230 nm) and 1.6 TGDI (197 hp, 290 nm), and both are combined with preselective «robots». However, a completely different power unit was legalized in Russia. This is a two-liter turbocharger of the past generation with a distributed injection, which can work on gasoline AI-92 and issues 170 hp. and 250 nm. In a pair with her — the variator. Drive, as in China, only front.