Who will suffer from the crossover named «Cool!»


On the website of the Chinese brand Geely (www.geely-motor.com), announced the announcement in Russian soon appearances in the sales of a compact crossover. The Russian market will appear Geely Coolray, however, the site countdown timer is not included on the site. Therefore, to call the deadline for the appearance of new items is difficult. It is known that most likely the car will be produced by the «Berdji» enterprise in the neighboring Republic of Belarus.

But the place of assembly is not so important, technical and operational characteristics are important, because the new product from the Chinese car industry is to be pushed with elbows in the most saturated and spicy car class, where today «weather» makes Hyundai Creta, Renault Kaptur, and soon Kia Seltos.

Our channel early autumn has already written about this car. Then our sources said that they saw two new products from Geely in Minsk and made a forecast that these two models would soon be on the Russian market. As you can see, their forecast was justified and the announcement of the novelties on Geely-Motors.com is confirmed. The name Coolray is translated as «cool!», Which is somewhat unexpected.

In China, this model debuted almost a year and a half ago, called Geely Benyue, and on the concept and sizes it is a competitor to Hyundai Creta or Renault Kaptur. The length of the Chinese crossover is 4330 mm, the wheelbase is 2600 mm, and here is the drive only on the front wheels.

Announcement on the site is empty, there are no details about modifications for Russia. However, in China, Geely Binyue is offered in three versions, all of them with three-cylinder turbogides. The basic parquetor has a liter engine (136 hp) and a six-speed «mechanics», the step is higher — an option with a motor 1.5 (177 hp) and a seven-step «robot» with two clutches. The most advanced model is a rechargeable hybrid with the same turbotroom 1.5 and an electric motor, with a capacity of 258 hp.

Can such a «advanced» model «expanse elbows» cars of competitors who have a decent reputation and an excellent story in the Russian Federation? The answer will be left behind the brackets. Apparently, cars can come to us easier. And maybe the Chinese and want to make a breakthrough and for this they chose a car with the screaming name «cool!»