Who will be a competitor Kia Seltos and why Korean will come out by the winner


Domestic motorists through various channels of automotive media inspire that times when the volume of the engine had a value, went forever. Do not believe them. In the Korean company KIA, such stamps do not pay attention. After all, our attachments and preferences are perfectly known. Otherwise, today it would not be announced prices for the new Kia Seltos crossover with a 2-liter atmospheric engine.

Their competitors from the French Renault are threatened to send «retired» a well-proven 2-liter atmospheric with the F4R index, familiar to us by Duster and Kaptur. True, for some time the French unit will last in production. But on the new coupe-cross Renault Arkana, this motor no longer put, and the TCE150 turbo engine has been installed, having a volume of 1.3 liters. They circulate rumors that the queue on the installation of this KAPTUR unit, and quite, possibly DUSTER. They also speak about the localization of his release in the Russian Federation. But these are rumors, although in principle everything is possible.

Koreans in this respect turned out to be more far from. The basic KIA SELTOS will have an atmospheric engine with a volume of 1.6 liters, which in front-wheel drive versions issues 123 hp. and 151 nm, and in all-wheel drivers for two horses less (121 hp and 148 nm), and both options are available both with «mechanics» and with «automatic». Atmospheric 2.0 MPI will be offered only with the variator, but it can be selected between the front and complete drive. And the top version with a turbocharger 1.6 T-GDI (177 hp, 265 nm) with a non-alternative combination of a seven-step «robot» and a full drive. The first cars KIA SELTOS will appear at dealers in the early 2020, although the exact date of the sales start has not yet been announced.

But the most interesting thing is the price today is the price. KIA SELTOS with an atmospheric 2.0 MPI (149 hp, 180 nm) and a wedge variator will have a starting price starting from 1 million 350 thousand rubles. So much will cost a crossover in the luxe configuration with front-wheel drive, climate control, an eight-fashioned sensory display of the media system, a rear view chamber, as well as 16-inch alloy wheels. In KIA, it was not for reason that this version was chosen for the «first price chamber», because Czech Skoda recently announced the price tag on KAROQ in a comparable configuration. Czech conductor with a turbo engine 1.4 TSI (150 hp), front-wheel drive, «automatic», climate control and media system will cost from 1 million 515 thousand.

Also, for comparison, we will remind you that the «related» Korean gthtlytghbdjlysq crossover Hyundai Creta with an atmospheric 2.0 and automatic machine can be bought for 1 million 215 thousand in the Comfort version, that is, without a rear view camera and touch screen, which are available on it only since ROCK EDITION configuration for 1 million 405 thousand rubles.