Where did Chinese dump trucks disappear?


More than 10 years ago, at the end of the past and the beginning of the current decade, Chinese dump trucks said loudly on the construction equipment market.

They could be observed even on large-scale construction projects for international events. But today they are practically not visible. We dealt with what happened to once a rapidly growing segment of the Chinese.

A few years ago, foreign technique led the most powerful offensive in the domestic truck market. If the «Large European Seven» trucks are confidently felt in the segment of the tractor, both new ones and used. Also gained sales of sales used and new American equipment. Today, it is unlikely that anyone will remember the conversation of Vladimir Putin and truckers, held during the trip of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation on the highway Khabarovsk — Chita. Recall, Vladimir Putin did a stop at the 791th kilometer of the Ambur highway. At this place is one of the few large parking lots with cafes and maintenance for heavy trucks. There were eight trucks in the parking lot, of them seven (!) — American brands and one «KAMAZ».

Truckers told the premiere that KAMAZ cars are uncompetitive. According to them, on American cars and control is easier, and space sleeping wide, even refrigerators are worth. «KAMAZ» does not have it, and even very roads. It’s easier to buy a bashing American than the new «KAMAZ», drivers say.

But in the segment of construction dump trucks, importers of Chinese products actively behaved. Then, trucks became noticeable at construction sites with unusual names: Howo, Hanya, Shaanxi, Jac, Dongfeng, Jutong, and the most badly memorable name sounded like this — Befeng Benchi. But a lot of time passed and there was no trace from this production of the Chinese automotive industry. Although no, no, and today the representative of the Chinese automotive industry will meet on the road. Sometimes even new.

However, in fact, the first «Chinese wave» chronologically coincides with the middle of the last decade. It was then, 15 years ago, because of the Amur River in the territory of the Russian Federation had imported the first batch of dump equipment in China. And immediately the import of products of the Chinese automobile industry grew «like a snowball,» even ahead of some big European brands of the Group of Seven. The second largest imported truck in the so-called fat period, namely 2008 was a truck Howo, corporations Sinotruck. But the short-term crisis of 2009 knocked down imports. And in the beginning of a recovery leader among Chinese trucks replaced.

In third place among imported trucks in Russia, the Chinese brand turned out to be

Here you should make two devices. First. Such a phenomenon as a Chinese cargo car industry became a consequence of the Chinese «Economic Miracle». After all, at that time, the country became a huge construction site, and the construction dump truck by the «workshop» of numerous buildings in the substance. The rapid growth of enterprises producing trucks focused on the needs of the national economy. And, accordingly, in the territory of the PRC, the enterprises for the production of freight equipment began to grow, often in the form of joint ventures with leading manufacturers of Western companies.

Second moment. Imports of Chinese equipment was beneficial to all participants in the process. But most importantly, he was beneficial to builders. The unprecedented Chinese dump trucks were established in 20-25 cubic meters. For the flight, such a dump truck could transport twice as soil or material than the usual KAMAZ then. In essence, Chinese dump trucks became machines for making money. Such flaws, as the lack of spare parts were allowed simply removed from the dump donor. These are all factors and caused the popularity of Chinese 3 or 4-axis technology.

But over time, the picture has changed somewhat. On the roads there are fewer Chinese dump trucks. And what does statistics show us? She is certainly not suitable with an illustration of an objective picture of the car market. And here we see intriguing changes. According to sales of the 9 months of 2019, in the segment of new trucks (over 3.5 tons), the leader among Chinese grades Shaanxi is in 13th place in the Russian Federation, with a sales volume of 852 trucks. For comparison, Volvo sales for the 9 months of the current year surpassed 4000 pieces, passes purchased 2774 pcs. The next Chinese brand JAC is sold 355 pieces. And the famous HOWO, which in the «fat years» dared with a circulation of several thousand dump trucks per year, now modestly frozen at a mark in the amount of just over 300 units. Two more Chinese brand found themselves in the list. This is FAW (259) and Foton (145). True, the last brand is more represented in the segment of medium-room, rather than dump trucks.

So quickly passed the Chinese building dump trucks in our market. But still, as you can see, the loyalty of the part of the builders to this technique is and they will be despite to buy it. As for concrete models, on the 17th place in the All-Russian rating is Shaanxi dump truck. This is a good 3-decker, in the Weichai engine developing 336 hp, and a dumping superstructure of a little more than 19 cubic meters.

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