When will Renault change his bestseller?


Paparazzi does not get tired of throwing information on the tests of new or updated cars of famous brands in the news feed. This time on the roads of Southern Europe, they «caught» the Dacia Logan sedan in camouflage.

Previously, our channel has already reported that the new generation of Dacia Sandero hatchback is underway on the roads of Europe. As you know, new items from Renault for the Russian market, it was so necessary, first run through Romanian Dacia.

According to the preliminary information, Sandero will be presented at the Paris Motor Show in the fall of this year.

But unexpected

I wonder what changes are the new generation of the first budget foreign car? And they judging by the pictures are very and very significant. Because something can be seen even in the photo of a camouflaged car.

The pictures show that the updated sedan is equipped with LED headlights and new door handles. It is also seen that the prototype disguised under a special camouflage has a drop-down to the rear glass and merging with it the roof line.

The car turned out to be more elongated, if compared with the current model, and even even something reminds the silhouette of Lada Vesta. And this elongation is associated with falling the roof line falling to the rear glass suggests, and will the next generation of Logan Liftback be? Apparently, it will not. After all, the sedans are appreciated in emerging markets, where this car will go. In addition, the car trunk lid is located high, and its lower edge is low, which can indicate a wide loading opening of the sedan.

It is also no doubt that the new Dacia Logan will be built on a new platform of the French concern CMF-B from the current CLIO and Captur models, like the passing tests of the Sandero hatchback. The current generation of Romanian cars is built on the M0 platform, which leads a pedigree from B0.

But the main question is when the updated family will come to our Russian market? In Europe, these camouflaged cars will change the current generation, which is produced since 2016. Apparently, after the Paris salon, they will immediately put them on the conveyor in the Romanian town of Pitesti, where the Dacia Production Center is located. But it is for Europe. What about us?

Easy restyling family

Apparently, events with the updating of the Logan / Sandero family can go to our car market according to the following scenario. The new body of the elongated Logan and the increased Sandero hatchback sizes will «share» on the old B0 platform, which is slightly upgraded, as it happened for Renault Arkana, which was also attached to this budget platform. True, then responsible persons from Renault Russia argued that the platform was updated / changed by 55%.

After all, it is necessary to keep in mind that this Logan / Sandero couple is the lowest proposal in the line of the French automaker in the Russian Federation. And the transition to a new European platform will immediately break the price. And considering the formed image of these machines, it will be unacceptable.

By the way, another remark. Renault Group is not updating his popular Duster for a long time, including because of the fear that the renovated popular crossover will prevent the crossover and insert «sticks in the wheels» began sales of the new cross-coupe of Renault Arkana.

In the case of Logan / Sandero, such as such incidents should not happen. But there is one consideration. As you know, recently announced, although unofficially, plans to translate to the platform of the French automaker at the most popular domestic family Lada Granta. But, given the prices of our domestic model and comparing them with Logan, in principle, these cars should break through different price niches. How it does not paradoxically sound in this budget segment.

Recall that Most recently, the head of Renault Group Nicolas Mor in the region of Eurasia talked about the following scheme of the market positioning of Lada and Renault models: «There are models in our line, which occupy several segments. The Lada Lada is located in the lowland, but the SUV segment is represented by Renault (he meant Duster, Kaptur, Arkana, approx.). In the middle — Renault Logan, Sandero Stepway and Lada Xray … «. That is, Lada Granta will not intersect with Logan / Sandero. But the French model can cross with the Patriotic Lada Vesta. But it will be another story.