When the new Skoda Octavia starts and the car will differ from the European version


A feature of the modern domestic information car ribbon is a few moments. First, it needs to be carefully read. Because it is often in posts in posts about cars not for the Russian market, but about the new items of world automakers, which will be sold in India, China, European countries or even in Latin America. Immediately the question arises: what is the matter to these distant car markets? The only program is that automakers earlier than our new items to overseas markets. But in this case, it is necessary to be attentive. Therefore, in order not to feel cheated and objectively evaluate the information, you need to carefully read into messages.

As you know, the other day after a few months of waiting, speculation and leaks were presented the fourth generation of the most-selling Czech model Skoda Octavia from young-boylaw. We informed you in detail about Octavia-IV.

But look at the reaction of domestic motorists who saw that the baseline motor will be the baseline motor in the model range of this car? The fact of the matter is that this downsayzing motor is not for the Russian Federation, but for European car enthusiasts. But in spite of everything we hear — new Skoda Octavia with such a motor, no one will buy. Such a verdict is removing our readers. And you can not disagree with them. That is how it will be if Czech autoconecern decides to sell such a model with a three-cylinder 1.0 engine here, we have.

But pay attention to two points.

First, the debut of the new generation Skoda Octavia does not automatically mean that its production will immediately begin in the territory of the Russian Federation. We will still produce and sell the current generation of the car.

Secondly, it is also not a fact that the top managers of the Czech automakers will take responsibility for all the risks of the withdrawal of a downsayzing liter engine to the Russian car market. They are well aware of the preferences of our motorists.

Well, now let’s notify you that it is known about the timing of the emergence of official dealers of the new generation of the leader of the size class with in Russia — Skoda Octavia.

We will still not forget that the Czech car has been occupied by the top line in this dimensional class of the Russian car market for many years.

The start of sales in Russia is scheduled for the second half of 2020. This is due to the need to localize the release of the new generation of Skoda Octavia in our country.

However, according to the resource of the auto station, the new Skoda Octavia cars are already produced on Gaza in Nizhny Novgorod. But these are pre-production specimens Octavia-IV, the need for which is due to debugging of all production and technological processes, personnel training and other tasks. Pre-production, that is, not intended for sale cars, will be collected on gas for several months.

But the Skoda Octavia serial release itself will begin only in June 2020. And how a couple of months is found for the assembly of cars will be carried out to work to provide dealers with the desired volumes by the time the model is launched on the market. The start of sales of the new generation Skoda Octavia will be held in the third quarter of 2020.

These are such details we have become known about the plans for the release and sales of the most popular Czech car.

And now the most burning question. And what motor gamma will be on the new generation of the car?

We inform that the basic will remain a gasoline atmospheric