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Automatic tensioners and belts

Motors of modern cars have a serpentine belt drive attachment — a single belt is used, which transmits rotation to the majority, if not all the auxiliary engine units. High-quality Dayco Polyclinic Belts, designed for the after-sales service market, are one of the most technologically advanced and reliable components for a wide range of use on vehicles of most automotive brands.

Maintaining the optimal level of tension of the drive belt is as important as the right choice of a new polyclinic belt for mounting on cars. Dayco is a leader in the field of automatic belt tension technologies — from the geometry of the drive system to the design of automatic spring tensioners supporting the required level of tension at all drives.

All thing in technology

DAYCO automatic tensioners have a branded patented flat spring design that minimizes the range of fluctuations of the belt operating voltage. Thereby, the risk of premature refusal of bearings of the auxiliary equipment is reduced — such a breakdown is likely due to increased tension when installing a new belt. Maintaining the belt tension at the proper level also reduces the risk of the appearance of screech and slippage — such phenomena occur when the belt tension force is reduced due to its wear and stretching. Teflon layer in a spiral spring, provided in the design of the spring tensioner Dayco, opposes wear from friction, while the spring itself has a coating that protects it from rust.

Among other constructive features of some tensioners, Dayco belts can be called the use of the steel retainer. The high strength body of the DAYCO tensioner spring, made of cast aluminum, prevents fatigue stresses and formation of cracks. The tensioner lever is also made by cast aluminum. In addition to high reliability, it is characterized by minimal deformations in the process of work. Aluminum fixing ring connects the body of the spring and the tensioner lever and protects the node from corrosion. Depending on the design of a specific drive, a steel support tube can be used in the tensioner node, which gives it additional rigidity to confront the critical values ​​of the resulting bending moment.

In the design of the automatic tensioners of the Dayco belt, the springs of thermoplastic rubber and a rubber ring that prevents the penetration into the mechanism of various contaminants is used. The use of lubrication in the nylon liner of the rotary tube and the spring sleeve contributes to a more quiet operation of the mechanism. A galvanized fixing bolt is resistant to rust and is concentrically, providing a more uniform constant tension.

In accordance with the standards imposed on suppliers of original equipment, DAYCO automatic tensioners are equipped with plastic or metal rollers, which also have a cover for additional protection against dust and other contaminants.