What will prevent the triumph of Opel in Russia?


The German automaker Opel returned to the Russian automotive market. Today, the brand line in the Russian Federation includes only Grandland X crossovers and the Opel Zafira Life curl. Soon, this list will be replenished with the new Crossland X crossover and Vivaro van.


Today, the brand line in the Russian Federation includes only Grandland X crossovers and the Opel Zafira Life curl. Soon, this list will be replenished with the new Crossland X crossover and a larger van Vivaro.

The decision that the German automaker will return to the Russian market was adopted last year. But this return has not yet become a triumphal, and the simple Russian motorist practically did not feel the brand outside the Moscow Ring Road. Today, the company’s website indicates all … 10 dealers, of which 3 are located in Moscow, 2 — in St. Petersburg, as well as in Stavropol, Ryazan, Rostov, Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhnevartovsk. Coverage is not thick.

When the American concern General Motors, who in 2015 belonged to the German brand, left the Russian Federation, with him he carried a few wonderful models. Among them Opel Astra

Today, when Opel passed into the possession of the French concern PSA (Peugeot), other tasks were delivered to the brand. And, first of all, it is necessary to keep in mind when we are talking about the return of «Opel» to Russia.

The main goal of the Opel brand is to strengthen its position outside Europe: by the mid-2020s, at least 10% of all «Opels sold» should be given to the «external» markets. For this, the brand will strengthen its presence in the markets of Asia, Africa and South America, and will also be released on 20 new local markets by 2022.

That is, by and large, if in the American GM, the German brand was considered as a European auto-giant unit that had certain tasks in the old continent’s market and was responsible for the development of a number of global GM models, then with the transition under the wing of the French automaker, the task was supplied by other. But it is to turn a German brand from European to the global.

In fact, French PSA is also more European company than global. 85% of the turnover of it is on the old continent, and there are practically no strong positions beyond its limits. Well, except in Argentina. Therefore, the asset acquired by the French as Opel should help in the globalization of the entire French auto expire. And the Russian market on this path is only one of the points of expansion. No more. Moreover, the French models of Pepeot / Citroen passenger cars are met by domestic motorists, right so cool.

«Russia is a major and attractive market with great potential, in which the German brand won an excellent reputation. An important advantage is the possibility of local production from the moment of the start of sales, «this explained the decision to return to the Russian market General Director of Opel Michael Lohscheller.

Today, the model line of the automaker is a scooter — in the Russian Federation it includes only the Grandland X crossover and the Zafira Life van. Soon this list will be replenished with the new Crossland X, as well as vivaro van.

But the company’s managers recently assured that by the end of this year the ruler will consist of six models.

The surprised reader will ask, and what models of modern Opel will be able to overcome this American veto?

And here is the answer to this delicate question. In the database of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (Rospatent), images of a number of elements of the body of the new model of Opel appeared. Apparently, we are talking about the sixth generation of the Opel Corsa hatchback.

This model is well known in the European market. In the basic version, it is equipped with a 1,2-liter gasoline engine (75 hp), aggregated with a 5-speed MCPP. In addition to him, turbo engines of a similar volume with a capacity of 100 hp are available for this hatchback. and 130 hp, working in a bundle with «mechanics» or an 8-speed «machine». There is in the CORSA lineup and a 1.5-liter 102-strong diesel engine.

The forecast of the popularity of such an Opel model, consider the fifth on the account, is not difficult to do. European city hatchbacks in the Russian market have always enjoyed very limited demand. Remember when we had Skoda Fabia such popular hatchbeck. And recently — Ford Fiesta, cars in the body hatch sold quite a little. So the fifth «Opel», which preparing to conquer Russia can shoot not so productively, how the rate is made on it.

In this regard, the question arises, who will become the sixth model of Opel for Russia, maybe it is all the same that this model will provide the triumphant return of the German brand to the domestic car market.