Volkswagen prepares a change of polo sedan


The new generation of Sedana Volkswagen Polo for Russia, about the appearance of which we still did not know anything, first was first in the form of a consequeurized mule of the pre-production prototype. The new Polo recently noticed on the roads of Moscow.

The car «lit up» on the street in Moscow and was immediately caught by Paparazzi, who was next to the car. The car with German numbers is quite disassembled by film and false elements, but most interestingly visible even through them.

If you look at the car into the profile, you can unmistakably guess the «related» Skoda Rapid in it, and if in Afas — the new Sedan Volkswagen Jetta, whose arrival in Russia is expected in the second quarter of 2020.

The back of the test Polo Germans were hidden better, but the features of the rear lights from the new «Rapid» are still visible. On the lid of the trunk and the bumpers cost without pricks — they are relatives and exactly repeat their own analogues on the current model.

Here, of course, then you can only build guesses. But, apparently, if the newest Skoda Rapid, the sales of which will soon start in the salons of official dealers, and the premiere of which was held in November in St. Petersburg, is the closest relative of the new Volkswagen Polo, then some disappointment awaits us. Explain why.

Back in mid-2017, sales of the new Volkswagen Virtus car started in Brazil. He became the heir to VW Polo in the Latin American market. Brazilian Virtus was created on the basis of the European Hatchback Volkswagen Polo of the New Generation. It is based on the MQB-A0 modular platform: a familiar MQB architecture is borrowed here a power unit module, a steering mechanism and an electrician. The chassis is re-developed, although the configuration is the former: in front — McPherson racks, rear — half-dependent suspension. The interior of Virtus is almost the same as the European Polo hatchback. Since 2018, sedan is sold in Latin America.

And now back to our sedan, captured by Muscovite-Parazzi. Compare how the outlines of the Brazilian «relative» differ from the one that is depicted in the photo from the Moscow streets. Of course, you can refer to that it is a «test mullet». So called cars on which nodes and aggregates test. But something suggests this particular feature of this car. New Czech Liftbek

Next, the motor gamma model is likely to not change. Therefore, the sedan will again be offered with a 1.6-liter «atmospheric» by 90 and 110 hp, as well as the 1.4-liter TSI turbo engine with a capacity of 125 hp Atmospheric units in this case will still work in a pair with a 6-speed «mechanics» or a 6-speed «automatic», and the turbocharged engine with a 7-speed «robot» DSG.

We dare to assume that all the above features are made to reduce the costs of withdrawal of a new generation and the organization of VW Polo.

However, while the photo from Paparazzi puts more questions, which will soon be answered, as usual happens before the premiere. By the way, this year the Moscow International Auto Show will open the doors in August. Maybe the premiere of the new Volkswagen Polo will take place. Or maybe it will take place before?