To see better: I choose the «wipers» by winter


Winter is the most dangerous and most responsible time for wiper brushes. Dangerous — because in very difficult conditions they have to work. And responsible — because the winter road situation is not a gift, and if the review is not good enough … in a word, not the case when it is worth going to risk, hoping to drive another season with old brushes.

When to change?

What to choose?

As you can see, the goal of most improvements in the design of the brushes is to get rid of metal parts or at least to protect them from exposure to external factors. Especially relevant in winter: the metal frame in the frost is exploded, loses mobility and ceases to perform its direct function — to ensure the tight fit of the «janitor» to the glass. Yes, and hinge over time simply loosened that worsens the work of the brushes. Therefore, the evolution of «janitors» goes either along the way of deliverance from all extra, or on the path of protection of everything that can be protected. True, if we talk about winter conditions, then it is necessary to make a reservation: if the frameless wipers behave well and very well, then the articulation of hybrid janitors, if they still froze, extruded from snow and ice is even more difficult than in the case of classic «skewers «

In the design of some brushes (especially frameless), a spoiler is provided, which provides better fit to glass at high speeds, using the oncoming air flow. In addition, such «wipers» are considered less noisy.

There are even more «exotic» varieties like special winter brushes (they are tightened into a special casing so that snow and ice do not have chances) and even heated brushes. But it is not always justified to acquire individual sets of brushes on the cold season. Moreover, the cost of such models is higher compared to the usual.

By the way, about the price: the cost of wiper brushes from different manufacturers can differ not only at times, but also ten times! Attention should be paid primarily on the quality and properties of rubber: Cheap Dubets in the cold, crumbs and cracks, expensive is good elasticity and resistant to temperature drops, as well as the effects of chemical reagents as part of non-freezers. For example, two-component tires are used in Bosch Aerotwin brushes (more rigid and durable on the working edge and softer on the guide «neck»).

What to remember?