Tire aerodynamics


South Korean company NEXEN, together with French software developers for 3D designs from Dassault Systèmes (Dassault Aviation Division) introduced new technology. It is designed to predict at the development stage and, accordingly, to improve the aerodynamic indicators of automotive tires.

«All objects move in the air, and they all experience its resistance — noted in Nexen. — This factor affects the fuel efficiency of vehicles, and automotive and tire manufacturers are constantly working to reduce aerodynamic resistance, as well as rolling resistance. «

Nexen uses new technology to optimize the contour of its tires, including even change in the design of the sidewalls, to reduce the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance and, consequently, increase fuel efficiency.

«In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, NEXENTIRE continues to study innovations, such as artificial intelligence and BigData, as well as new technologies for reducing energy consumption, are stressed in the company. «We also constantly build new ones and expand our existing scientific centers in Europe, USA and Korea.»