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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) was able to achieve a ban on the SUV Mahindra Roxor — Indian «Double» of the cult Jeep Willys.

The proceedings between FCA and the Indian company Mahindra began in August last year. The American concern accused the Indian manufacturer in the plagiarism: Indian SUV Mahindra Roxor turned out to be an almost accurate copy of the cult Jeep Willys. The car has the same square body, flat sidewalls and identical rear of the body, ending at about the level of the hood.

In 1947, the Indian company received a license for the production of several iterations of the cult CJ, and the last agreement was concluded in 2009. All these years, the company sold the «twins» of the Jeep cars and it did not worry the FCA. But last year Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Opened office in the USA. The company has established a large-sized ROXOR SUV and started selling it in the North American market. In FCA, they counted that a replica worth $ 15 499 may win a part of the market from SUVs Jeep.

Despite the statement of the manual Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. The fact that «companies have long-term licensing relations that began in the forties of the last year» and ongoing to date, the court ruled in favor of FCA, stating that really Mahindra is guilty in violation of copyright. The Administrative Affairs judge Cameron Elliot stated that Mahindra Roxor reminds too much resembling Jeep SUVs.

The decision on this issue should still be taken to accept the Commission on the US International Trade, but FCA intends to achieve a complete ban on sales of the Indian SUV. The concern will contact the Michigan District Court and may even require some compensation.