The secondary market of tomorrow, what will be with the old good generator?


Most functions in the car work from electricity. In cars with an internal combustion engine, electricity is created by the generator. The battery, on the contrary, serves as electricity and power buffer. But what happens when the belt drive is no longer associated with the crankshaft — how, for example, in the electrocars? What will replace generators in the cars of the future, and what will it mean for auto repair shops?

The voltage of the electric vehicle reaches 800 volts. Such voltage cannot be used for the operation of low-voltage components of the car — for example, headlights, air conditioner fans, windows or windshield washer pumps. Therefore, the location of the traditional generator in modern electric vehicles will take a DC converter that will provide energy from the battery to the desired voltage level.

MAHLE today releases and supplies such DC transducers to the automakers conveyors. They provide a safe and reliable separation of high-voltage and low-voltage onboard power grids. They are very convenient from the point of view of space and design, easy to install and securely protected from voltage jumps, overcurrent and unnecessary heating.


In the future, Mahle will not have equal in the sphere of components for power equipment electric vehicles. When charging, the alternating current passes to the battery through the built-in MAHLE charger. MAHLE DC Converter is responsible for powering 12/24 / 48 volt units, and MAHLE inverter provides accurate engine control and processes the energy obtained during the recovery. Thanks to the continuous expansion of its activities in the field of power electronics and drives, Mahle has long been preparing for mobility change — and thereby lays a path to the after-sales service of tomorrow.