The most «cool» BMW on the conveyor


Serial production of the new M8 Gran Coupe started at the BMW Group in Dingolfing.

The Bavarian Mark has completed the formation of the BMW 8 Series family: the sixth version of the model is supplied to the conveyor — BMW M8 Grancoupe. Up to 60 cars of BMW 8 Series, 40% of them are grancoupe daily from the Plant Plant conveyor in Dingolfing.

The new «four-door» is distinguished by an elongated silhouette with a smooth roof linte. Compared to a two-door version, the «four-terminal» wheelbase is increased by 200 mm, which made it possible to equip the salon with full rear seats. BMW M8 Grancoupe is equipped with a 44-liter eight-cylinder motor with a capacity of 625 hp, the most powerful, ever developed for BMW Mars.

The world premiere of the new BMW M8 Grancoupe will take place in a few days at the Los Angeles Motor Show. In the BMW M8 Grancoupe and BMW M8 CompetitionGrancoupe market will appear in January 2020, a special series — BMW M8 Grancoupefirstedition — in April. The circulation of the special series will limit 400 units. The highlight of the series will be a special coloring of BMW IndividualAuroradiamondgreen, metallic and shrill yellow light BMW ICONIC.

The factory in Dingolfing is one of the 31 manufacturing enterprises of the BMW group around the world. Every day, about 1,500 BMW 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series and 8 Series produce here. In 2018, the plant released almost 330,000 cars. Currently, about 18,000 people and 800 interns work at the Dingolfing plant.

The plant has been established by the production of car components, such as extruded parts or chassis and drive components, as well as bodies for all Rolls-Royce models. In addition, the company produces high voltage batteries, electric transmissions and drive designs for new BMW i models, batteries and electric motors for BMW Group hybrid models.