The Chinese began to disappear


Traditionally, the domestic automotive information tape is Pttold headlines about entering the Russian market of new models from automakers from the Middle Kingdom. Some new hard-acting brands that have views of our market are also announced. But the interesting event occurred.

Studying the latest summary of the European Business Association (AEB) for January 2020, our analysts paid attention to such a fact.

But this story goes beyond the borders of the Russian market. The fact is that Hawtai has ordered for a long time to live: In August last year, the R & F investment group has stopped financing the automaker, and in addition power suspected Hawtai in the illegal assignment of funds. The conveyors stopped in July were not launched, in China the last cars were sold back in October.

But how it all started well for this brand. Recall the story of five years ago. Economic sanctions against the Russian Federation countries of the West announced, and soon a very representative Russian delegation led by the President of the Russian Federation flies to Beijing to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory over Japanese militarism. This is a solemn part of the visit. At the same time, almost three dozen economic agreements will have to sign this delegation (they were called «27 steps to the East») and show the world — we seriously want to turn to the east. The visit was not easy, and filled with symbolism, China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of the Japanese occupation. A significant role in this was submitted by the USSR.

But we are interested in another aspect of that historical visit. Then in Beijing was the signing of the agreement of the Russian Kama Kaza and the Chinese company Hawtai Motor Group. They agreed to create a joint venture for the production and sales of KAMAZ trucks in China and the car Hawtai cars in Russia. Grandous plans for sales in the PRC were built

It was specified that the production of passenger cars under the brand of Hawtai in Russia will be organized in Kamaz squares. To produce KAMAZ trucks in China, it is planned to build a new plant in Tianjin. Sales will be carried out using each other’s distribution networks.

KAMAZ will contribute to the authorized capital of the joint venture its production areas in Russia, truck production technologies and management resources. In turn, Hawtai Motor Group Co provides a joint venture technology, design developments and other know-how in the field of passenger cars, the press service of the enterprise reports. In general, after almost five years, it can already be considered from the height of the last time that everything turned out to be ephemeral and unfulfilled. Plans were Napoleonic. «Our goal is to achieve sales here 50 thousand trucks per year,» approved officials from that delegation.

Today the picture inspires pessimism. Part of the dealers confirmed that all the reserves of Hawtai cars were sold. In 2019 statistics, several units of this brand of crossovers appeared. Other respondents, dealers claimed that he had lost contact with the representative of the brand. However, some dealer centers receive spare parts for warranty repairs. The website Hawtai Living, there are two models of crossovers with significant discounts in the price tag. One HTM BOLIGER (in the photo) and the other model Laville.

In general, in 6 years of work, this Chinese brand has not yet gained popularity among motorists, nor implemented a project with KAMAZ. In general, there is information that on the home market in the PRC of the case is worse.

This is how the story of the brand from the Middle Kingdom with the funny name Hawtai ended. The wave of the crisis was washed away from Russia, as before that was washed away several other quickly forgotten brands from the Middle Kingdom.

In this story, it is a pity to the domestic kamaz, which could not be entrenched in the PRC market. Looks like it is not particularly necessary there, because Chinese self-production dump trucks ensure the needs of the National Economy of the PRC.