The champion «Personal face» will be sold in the Russian Federation


The Japanese automaker Mitsubishi will bring ASX restyled crossover to Russia. At the moment, the type of vehicle type has already appeared in the Russian database (OTTS)

The sale of the car will begin next year. In our market, the updated Mitsubishi ASX will be sold in equipped with two engines and transmissions, in all-wheel drive or in the front-wheel drive version. The basic equipment of the model received a 1.6-liter motor on 117 hp. and 6-speed mechanical gearbox, and on versions the level above will use a 2.0-liter 150-strong engine and the variator.

As for the differences, the predecessor, the novelty is characterized by other front bumper and optics, modified by the hood and new protective panels in front and rear. In general, we can say that the design of the updated ASX is made in accordance with the further development of the Dynamic Shield concept.

It is worth noting that this is not a new generation of the popular crossover «three diamonds», and the fourth restyling (!). The premiere of the Mitsubishi ASX restyled crossover premiere was held in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Reystayling cars on sale arrived in autumn to the markets of Japan (there it is known as Mitsubishi RVR) and North America (where this crossover has the name Outlander Sport).

Now about restyling. The update turned out to be zonal. The frontal part is completely changed. She found the features of the new Dynamic Shield brand style, and the Japanese abandoned a short hood, replacing it more attractive externally detail with the «beak». But the minimum feed changes: these are a new bumper and lights with a different pattern and LEDs in all sections, except for the direction indicators.

In the cabin, the new screen of multimediasystems with a diagonal, increased from seven to eight inches. Due to the grew sizes of the touchscreen, central ventilation deflectors moved slightly higher. But there are no other visual differences in the interior. True, the company reports on the improved functionality of the synchronization system with smartphones (SDA) and promises to release an application collecting together information about the machine.