The authors of the east took place


Six years ago, when the economic sanctions of the Western countries were introduced, against the Russian Federation, the blogosphere and semi-official experts from different televisions cheerfully assured us, they say, Russia will not lose anything, the main thing is to reorienate anything on time. Middlewealth for all the post-Soviet years made a powerful jerk and became a «global factory», where everything can be purchased.

With the advent of the epidemic of the coronair, the «moment of truth» came. Can we really find out if this «Eastern reversal» is performed in the domestic automotive industry, or is it still a fiction?

Today, the dependence of the automotive plants in the Russian Federation, which receive components from the PRC, was critical for a number of enterprises. In the industry, whose companies in January 30 interviewed the Ministry of Industry, are confidently talking about the availability of all that is only necessary for February.

However, a serious problem is still recognized only on KAMAZ. At Kama Avtogigant, they argue that in case of continuation of the epidemic, the risks of the correction of production plans from March may arise. Most components, regardless of the country of origin, have elements produced in China, and some details are only available there.

In Naberezhnye Chelny, the headquarters of the «Operational Response» have already created, which, if necessary, adjust the model range, lead «preventive work» with suppliers and look for alternatives.

Other autocontracers still perceive the situation is not so serious. UAZ will resume production only on February 10, so that Sollers do not see risks in February. The GAZ Group «analyzes the situation.» At AvtoVAZ, said that, although some suppliers deliver a «small number» of components from Chinese plants, the concern «has the necessary stock», although «prepares for various scenarios.» Stable situation with production and toyota, which buys part of the components in China. Renault has the necessary supply of details for «uninterrupted plant work in the near future.» In Nissan «Risks». At the Kaliningrad Plant «Avtotor» assured that they do not use supplies from China in general.

In China itself, a number of foreign automakers stopped production and even evacuate personnel (usually foreigners). The first who stopped production outside the PRC was the nearest neighbors. The Korean Hyundai Motor Group became this automaker. Due to the lack of autocomponents produced in Chinese factories, the South Korean concern lost opportunities to collect cars. We add that exported cars are actually half of the total amount of cars produced on the peninsula. In fact, it is a painful blow to Korean car industry.

But we still wonder if there will be interruptions in the supply of St. Petersburg enterprise «Hyunda Motors Manufacturing Rus»? There are no panic there and follow the wretched statements: «We are taking all measures to ensure uninterrupted work, carefully follow the development of events in China and their consequences, given the complex interconnected nature of the global chains of supply in the automotive industry,» commented the head of the public relations group Hende Motor CIS »Julia Tikhonravovs one popular domestic Internet resource.

Of course, you need to track, only because everyone knows that the engines for the Hyundai collected at the enterprise are coming from the PRC, the fact is well known.

Similar invisible statements go from the office of the Russian representative office of KIA, they report that everything is under control. But still, somehow there is a vague anxiety, because even the difficulties will come, it is unlikely that they will speak out loud, and will keep everything to the last. Such is our corporate ethics. As it were, the epidemic did not provoke any next Asian crisis. After all, the 1998 crisis The same Korean companies have survived with great losses.

That is, the turn east has both positive and these unexpected parties.