«Tesla» will not be allowed to Europe


Tesla Cybertruck Pickup does not comply with European safety requirements.

Tesla will have to seriously finalize the Cybertruck pickup to get the opportunity to sell a car to the European market. According to the expert of the organization SGS-TUV Saar GmbH, Shafana Teller Innovative features may prevent the pickup to undergo certification in Europe. In an interview with Spiegel, Teller explained that Cybertruck is a danger not only for pedestrians, but also for the passengers themselves and it is not only in the design of the head optics, the absence of side mirrors or wipers.

As you know, the angular body of a pickup is made of armored steel, and according to the requirements of the European Union, the front of the car should not be tough. In the event of a pedestrian, the bumper and the hood must be frozen and thus minimize the injuries. The expert is doubted and available in the design of the pickup zone of programmable deformation. When a collision with another car body car, in all likelihood, will not suffer, and passengers will not be protected during the strike, since they will not help them.

Whereas in the USA automakers can independently confirm that their vehicles are suitable for operation, in the European Union, in particular, in Germany, certification conducts authorities and independent technical services for the approved procedure. To get tolerance of roads, the car must be configured at least fifty requirements out of sixty.