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One of the main recommendations for servicing the drive of the gas distribution mechanism is to perform work comprehensively, with a replacement of not only the belt itself (or chains), but also conjugate components: rollers, pumps, and so on. Depending on the design features of the drive. What caused this recommendation? Let’s ask the experts. And at the same time we will understand how it is best to justify its customers, competently convince them of the need for additional costs.

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Pavel Livshits,

Dmitry Osipov,

Igor Vyadkin,

Vladimir Morera

Alexander Melnik,

The current state of affairs in the market of timing sets and auxiliary aggregates is quite transparent. The range forms many companies, offering products of different price segments and filling itself. You can purchase both all parts separately and collected in the set.

Actually, at first, OEM suppliers turned to the topic of kits — such companies as Continental, Gates, Dayco, the first to offer drive components sets, including besides the belt and other details. Following them to work, other brands were included, so now the possibility of choice is quite wide.


The compositions of the GDM drive sets are different. Depending on the car model, the kit may consist of a belt, rollers, pumps and other components.

Dmitry Osipov, Technical Coach, Continental Ptg & Aftermarket:

— Continental


Pompe add to the kit, as you understand perfectly, it is not by chance.
In some engines, the pump is not only operated by the same timing belt (and therefore it is an integral part of the drive), but also the tension of this belt is regulated by pump.

Igor Vyadkin, Marketing Director, «AMEDTON-M», AMD Brand:


Speaking about the drive architecture and the composition of the kit, it should be noted that there are also such designs of the engine in which the generator belt is also hanging on the pump. Therefore, the sets of the generator belt additionally turns on the sets.

And there you can detect the thermostat.

Vladimir Morav, Regional Marketing Manager, Gates Cis:

Pavel Livvitz, Lynxauto:


Colleague supports Igor Vyadkin, AMD:

At the same time, it is necessary to always be aware that modern engines are practically unrepretentious — they cannot be soaked, they can not be guilized. Therefore, it is quite possible that when the belt is cut or the convection of the chain will have to change the engine entirely.

Advantages of sets

The advantages of the sets are essentially obvious. All of them quite clearly and concisely formulates

Nevertheless, such advantages are not entirely clear for the client — a car owner who wants to repair as cheaper as possible and does not burn with a special desire to acquire something additionally.

Customer must be understood

For the most effective conviction of the client, in the need for a comprehensive replacement, it is necessary to explain very much more intelligibly, which is happening when the drive belt is broken or the tension of the gas distribution mechanism. It is necessary to do this precisely intelligibly, avoiding complex formulations and dull technological terms, but colorfully! Because today, perhaps, all car owners already know that in this case there will definitely happen very bad, but what exactly and most importantly, how painful will hit the wallet — there are no idea.

Master acceptor hundred bosch service Alexander Melnik:

And then it is already worth moving in itself to a comprehensive replacement. Arguments can be given such.


It is necessary to understand that all these details are simultaneously installed at the factory in the manufacture of a car have an equal mileage. Therefore, the likelihood is very high, that with an already unambiguously worn belt, the rollers can visually seem normal, but at the same time they ran the same thousand kilometers and were also subjected to decent wear.

Vladimir Morera:

Indeed, in this case, as in many others, the best way to explain to customers is an appeal to a very and very likely financial costs later. Costs are very significant and completely unplanned.

Just tell him that the cost of replacing work in the case of which will be much more, because it will have to disassemble everything again. And now everything is disassembled and the question is only in replacement.

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