Success Story Cummins ISL8.9 in Russia


For the Kama Automobile Plant, the KAMAZ-6520 dump truck has no less meaning than the very first KAMAZ-5320 sample of 1976. But «5320» was generally the first KAMAZ, and the «6520» in 2000 became the twin-bar of the new, severe family. Previously, the three-axis KAMAZ was simply unable to transport 20 tons of cargo, and here one dump truck replaced two 10-ton KAMAZ-5511 of the first generation. Created on the basis of completely original units, nodes and systems, already then KAMAZ-6520 was able to compete with 20-ton European dump trucks of «Big Seven». In addition, «6520» were used as a chassis for mounting various add-ons and as a saddle tractor up to all-wheel drive KAMAZ-65225 6×6.

The first pilot industrial party KAMAZ-6520 6×4 was released in 1996, but in the series these trucks went only in 2003, and for more than 15 years they were constantly upgraded. They always used the best nodes and aggregates at that time. It is based on a heavy family of KAMAZ, the first 16-speed ZF ECOSPLIT boxes, leading bridges with planetary hub Raba and Madar shutters under an axial load of 13 tons were purchased. For them, they created long-term 12-liter motors of KAMAZ-740 50th and 60th episodes. And if the KAMAZ MOTOR V8 is used in terms of 320 hp / 1225 N · m, later 360 hp / 1570 N.Mm, already in 2008, these dump trucks began to recruit these dump trucks by rideways »Cummins 6LTAA. These are 8.9 liter engines, with a power range from 290 to 375 hp, Euro-2 level, with mechanical TNVD. Later, the deliveries of more modern Cummins ISL 8.9, Euro-3 and Euro-4, with the Common Rail fuel system, with a capacity of 290 to 400 hp, began to change Russia. Naturally, engines with settings 310 hp were used on a 15-tonary family of KAMAZ-65115, KAMAZ-65117 and KAMAZ-65116, and more powerful versions of Cummins ISL motors were used on heavy trucks — 375 hp / 1550 N.M. and 400 hp / 1700 N. m.

Motors Cummins series L are manufactured in the UK, USA, Brazil, India, China, and they have been released about 5 million, annually — more than 150,000 engines. Among the main consumers are leading truck manufacturers leading companies: Paccar, Volvo, Freightliner, Dongfeng … The list can be continued.

The main advantages of Cummins ISL diesel engines in comparison with KAMAZ — due to smaller volume, they are somewhat easier, successfully concluded under the cab, while comparable in power and torque, economical on fuel consumption, have a greater interval interval to 50 thousand km. With a resource of about 850 thousand km to a overhaul, the motor is easily repaired thanks to the interchangeable «wet» sleeves and the possibility of permissive to the steel wrought-iron crankshaft in four repairs. Given the world volumes of production of Cummins ISL, it is possible not to doubt that in Russia engines are provided with service and spare parts.

Cummins QSL, 6LTAA and ISL engines are the following design: pig-iron block and head, «wet» shift sleeves with reliable centering on top and bottom belts, with seals with rubber rings. Four valves on the cylinder, the lower camshaft driven from the front location gears, rods and roller pushers in the valve drive. Valve adjustment is carried out once in 90 thousand kilometers. Bosch fuel equipment, Holset turbocharger applies on electronic motors. In the norms of Euro-5, ISL motors are laid using SCR technology with an aqueous adblue urea solution. There is a water-oil heat exchanger that provides stable viscosity-temperature characteristics of oil, extends its performance.

The main consumers of such cars became builders, oil workers and gas, logging in the mountains from the eastern and northern part of Russia. These successful and solvent companies that are fully able to update the fleet by car in foreign cars, nevertheless gave preference to Kamaz. This was largely due to the fact that consumers saw real improvements in consumer properties in these cars while maintaining an attractive price. Strengthening the strategic plan of the management of the automotive industry — to create in each family of trucks at least two levels on saturation of high technologies. One Hi Tec, the other is more traditional. Such a division should have fully satisfy the needs of Russian carriers. The use of Diesels Cummins ISL, imported leading bridges, 16-speed ZF boxes just belonged to «high technologies». Only about 5,100 trucks of KAMAZ of various models with Cummins engines of L. Series Cummins engines were manufactured from 2008 to 2018. Organizations operating road vehicles in the conditions of the Far North, note that the CUMMINS ISL engine has changed traction and dynamic characteristics Thanks to which the driver was no longer required to pre-accelerate the car before entering the mountain, which was saved by the suspension, bridges and other nodes of the car from premature failure.

Since March 2017, Cummins ISL is assembled in Naberezhnye Chelny, at Kammins Kama, in parallel with Cummins ISB engines that have long been mastered in our country. The Localization of Cummins ISB is about 60%, the most important parts of the engine — the casting of the cylinder block and the head of the block, crankshaft, flywheel, pistons — all Russian. The launch of the conveyor assembly of the ISL diesel location family is a new stage in the development of relations between Cummins and KamAZ, and the KAMAZ-6520 family with domestic Cummins ISL motors began to go from the main auto plant conveyor.

Continuing the modernization of KAMAZ-6520 trucks, in 2011, the Avtozavod conducted a restyling of the traditional «KAMAZ» cabin. Updated the facade, lighting, arches of the wheels, steps, as well as the interior, the cabin for the first time a four-point suspension appeared in two versions — spring or pneumatic. In addition to more aesthetic and modern appearance, the cabin has become more comfortable.

Following the third generation of KAMAZ, whose flagship became «6520», in 2013 a generation of K4 appeared. In the summer of 2016, the premiere of KAMAZ-6520 was held at the Moscow exhibition «Construction Equipment and Technology» with an Axor cab. Thanks to this modernization, the Kama truck stood up in one row with the best European dump trucks. Given the fact that «6520», depending on the execution, there are more than 15 modifications, the digital designations of which are very complex for the perception of the carrier, the modification of KAMAZ-6520 with the cab of Axor gave the «Lux» designation. In addition to the new comfortable cabin on the four-point suspension in the modification «Lux», a reinforced frame was applied and the front axle, which made it possible to increase the car capacity of the car to 21 tons. In addition, this modification involves a heated platform with HYVA hydraulics. It turns out all taking into account the same strategy of 10 years ago: division at high technology saturation levels, for any wallet, under any carrier requirements for comfort and productivity. KAMAZ-6520 Suite is an extremely high-tech dump truck in this family equipped with 400 hp cummins engines and torque 1700 N.M. At the same time, KAMAZ-6520 Suite is a fairly democratic price, but comparable according to characteristics with more powerful dump trucks. A potential buyer is provided as never a rich choice …