Start-charge without a battery


On the nose — frosts, and therefore, the questions with frozen batteries

The Inspector brand introduced a new line of shooting-charged devices intended for passenger and light commercial vehicles. The ruler includes three devices with starting current from 700 to 900 amps: InspectoRavenger, InspectorBooster and Inspector Charger.

INSPECTOR AVENGER — Basic line model, providing a starting current of 700a. Allows you to run gasoline engines to a working volume of up to 4 liters and diesel motors with a volume of up to 2 liters.

ModelSpectorBooster — overgrowth of 800a. Can run gasoline engines up to 5 liters or diesel to 2.5 liters.

The most powerful model — Inspector Charger — thanks to the starting current in the 900A, it is suitable for running motors to 6 liters (gasoline) and 3 liters (diesel).

All new items belong to the new generation of such devices and in comparison with battery models have a number of advantages. First, due to the lack of batteries, these ROMs are allowed for transportation by all types of transport, including air. Naturally, there is no need for periodic recharging device.

It is possible to launch with a fully discharged car battery. For the order, new ROM will be available, approximately from January 2020.