Spark plugs for the independent auto parts market — more powerful than the original


A patented TT technology for DENSO for spark plugs has been 10 years old. DENSO TT spark plugs are a unique offer on the spare parts market: they are available both with nickel and iridium electrodes, and the range itself covers 87% of the European car fleet.
Since the start of sales of Nickel TT spark plugs in 2009 and Iridium TT in 2015, their popularity is constantly growing — over the past six years, a market share is increased annually by 25%.

Setting standards

Before talking about the history of TT technology, it is important to mention that DENSO has been engaged in the development of spark plug technologies since 1959, and many of its solutions actually became sectoral standards. DENSO has long focused on the quality of the spark plugs for the after-sales service of cars fully corresponded to the quality of the original components. The entire range of spark plugs is developed and manufactured in accordance with its own QS 9000 and ISO 9000 standards, which implies the complete absence of defects. DENSO ignition candles perform an important function — they flamm the fuel-air mixture in the internal combustion engine (DVS). These small but powerful components are extremely important: with the help of high voltage electrical pulses transmitted from the ignition coil, they generate a tiny electric spark needed to ignite fuel and the beginning of the combustion process. Spark plugs are forced to function in exceptionally harsh conditions — they are opposed to elevated temperatures and pressure, and should also withstand high engine speeds at maximum loads. To ensure outstanding performance in any conditions, DENSO produces spark plugs with electrodes made from advanced materials that significantly reduce candle wear. The use of modern technologies such as Twin Tip determines the improved performance of the ignition candles for a long period of time.

Spark plug

The first countries where Russia and Ukraine became the benefits of TT technology. Soon they joined the UK. Nickel TT spark plugs presented in 2009 were created based on super-ficker technology from DENSO — Super Ignition Plug (SIP). At that time, it was the most advanced technology from the market available on the market — it was used mainly to create solutions intended for premium engines that differed in particular requirements for emissions of harmful substances and operational characteristics.

Most of the standard nickel ignition candles have flat electrodes with a large surface area, which limits the possibility of expanding the front of the flame created by I spark. Patented ignition candles DENSO Nickel TT are equipped with central and side nickel electrodes with reduced diameter protrusions. A smaller electrode requires lower electrical voltage and creates a spark of much greater power even in the engine operating at low ambient temperature. Nickel TT spark plugs have characteristics comparable to the characteristics of platinum spark plugs, however, as much as standard nickel ignition candles.

DENSO engineers quickly understood that the development of spark plugs with improved compared to the original characteristics, which will allow to combine several catalog numbers and form a more compact product range for the after-sales service market, which has exceptionally widespread coverage of the car model range. Currently, the assortment of TT spark plugs has many solutions suitable for various models of a variety of car brands. Thus, independent hundred get access to ignition candles that are superior to the characteristics of original components.


The assortment of TT spark plugs was significantly expanded in 2015, when DENSO introduced Iridium ignition candles. Iridium TT candles have the world’s smallest electrode with a diameter of 0.4 mm, which provides excellent spark power and more efficient ignition of the fuel and air mixture. In addition, the central electrode is made from the unique alloy of iridium and rhodium with the highest content of iridium on the market, and the side electrode is from platinum alloy. This increases the service life of the ignition candle to 120,000 km, which is three times the service life of the standard nickel ignition candle.

Iridium TT spark plug design provides an increase in power and torque, improving fuel efficiency compared to any other ignition candles from available on the market. Quick engine launch, improved smooth stroke and reduced emissions of harmful substances — even compared to original components.

Solution supplier

Currently, the assortment of TT spark plugs consists of 35 names: 16 articles of Nickel TT candles and 19 articles of Iridium TT candles. This provides coverage of 87% of the park of passenger cars. As for the benefits of independent service, they receive spare parts of the highest quality, with success, replacement components installed at the factory. In honor of the decade of TT technology, DENSO plans to further expand the range. Moreover, some manufacturers of DVS are already preferring spark plugs made using Iridia, which additionally encourages Denso to work on an increase in the Iridium TT Iridium TT spark plug. Such an addition to a constantly updated and growing assortment of TT spark plugs, as well as constant work on the creation of new products, is designed to eliminate all the gaps that exist in the context of the application of the applicability.

DENSO has always sought to improve the technologies used in the automotive industry, and deliver the parts of the original quality on the independent market of spare parts.

The assortment of TT spark plugs is a bright confirmation: this is unsurpassed technology, successfully adapted for most brands and car models.

Another important aspect of TT technology — it allows you to create equal conditions for the game for independent STR and authorized dealer centers. Technical specialists working in independent service centers get access to the most modern spare parts, due to which the trust is conquered and customer loyalty increases.