Solaris replied restyling


Restyling is the main word on the Russian car market-2020.

After a week, on February 18, sales of such a long expected restyling sedan Hyundai Solaris start. On the eve of this important event, Hyunda Motor CIS published official photos of an updated model for the Russian market.

Presentations of new bestsellers in the Russian market today accompanies the word «restyling». Automakers working in the Russian Federation are still limited to the «face suspender» of their models, do not transfer them to new and more modern platforms. This has a special meaning of the automotive business. With not large investments at the exit, a practically new car is obtained.

Recall, the competitors of the Korean model were recently presented — Czech Liftbek Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Polo. These «restyled» cars remained on the former PQ25 platform, the power units also remained well-known petrol engines EA211 with a volume of 1.6 liters (90 hp 110 hp), as well as 1.4 TSI (125 hp .). That is, the Germans from Volkswagen Group Rus also cost «low blood.»

The Korean company today did not disclose the technical characteristics. However, carefully clinging to official pictures, you can see significant changes that distinguish the new Hyundai Solaris from the dorestayling model.

Externally, the new Russian Solaris does not repeat the relative model Hyundai Verna for China, on which there is often references in our car press as to the future «successor» of the current model in the Russian Federation. Our Chinese model has completely different headlights, bumpers and hood.

But let’s list the changes that occurred in comparison with Dorestayling Solaris. So, after restyling, the sedan was acquired by new LED optics, changed bumpers and a wider mesh radiator grille, visually combined with headlights. Changes on the feed are completely insignificant: there are different lights and bumper.

Inside the cabin also modest changes. Solaris New has kept informative analog devices, while Chinese Verna now got a digital combination. The ducts of different shapes appeared and the increased screen of the media system, which until restyling was carefully written into the front panel, and now slightly towers over it.

And in conclusion, changes in the technique is not expected.

And I will definitely be about what. Hyundai Solaris was the bestseller of the Russian market from the start of sales in 2011. It was ahead of all foreign cars of the Russian assembly whole five-year plan 2011-2016. But, unexpectedly in 2017, and then in the period 2018-2019, Titula Bestseller moved to single-platform Kia Rio. Analysts indicated that the reason was the appearance of Hyundai Creta. I wonder if restyling will help return Hyundai Solaris «Champion T-shirt»?