Sedans drove off from Nissan


The Japanese automaker Nissan from the beginning of the year was in the center of the stormy information flow

Our channel decided to draw the attention of readers to five information reasons that characterize the main mainstream Nissan not only in Russia, but also at home in Japan.

First, about the situation that has developed around the company. As you know, on the eve of the new 2020, it became known about the shoot of the ex-head of Nissan Carlos Gone. Now the top manager and the ex-head of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi is hiding in Lebanon from the Japanese justice, which «sews» to him about corruption. Prior to that, he violated the conditions of the collateral and left Japan, where he was under house arrest. He explained his decision to «political persecution.» He also stressed that he was not going to remain «captive of an unfair Japanese judicial system.»

But automobile and exchange analysts have already begun to «match» a Japanese company and select a new partner to him. Among Japanese automakers for the new Alliance with Nissan offered Honda. This is one of the latest remaining independent automakers. Such an alliance «Nissan + Honda» could be perfectly confronted to Toyota, which in recent years slowly, but correctly pulls into his orbit Japanese players of the second echelon — Subaru, Mazda, Suzuki, in one or another quality. But quite about the global problems of Nissan.

And again there is a reason for a conversation about the Nissan model line on the Russian market. Recently, Roman Slicksky, PR-director of Marks Nissan and Datsun in Russia, spoke about which cars in the near future will be offered by the Japanese marks of domestic motorists. He actually denied the distribution of automotive media that Nissan plans to withdraw to our market of an updated sedan Sentra. Roman Slolsky said that in the foreseeable future, neither sedans nor the Nissan hatchbacks place in Russia plans. «While we are not ready to talk about the return of such models to our model line, but, theoretically, it is possible and directly depends on the development of the market situation in the segments of cars,» Slisky explained.

Earlier, we will remind, it became known that Nissan just in case patented the new generation of Senthan Sedana in Russia. The assumptions were also made that the release of this model will be adjusted at the factory in St. Petersburg, or in Izhevsk.

Now the Nissan brand is represented by five models in the Russian Federation. All of them, with the exception of the GT-R sports car, are crossovers and are produced at the enterprise «Nissan Motors Manufekchuring Rus.» Also about returning to Russia, Nissan Juke Parketnik, the Nissan Juke speech is also not going, as well as the large Patrol SUV.

Another interesting aspect of the model policy. The possibilities of selling an electrocarbon Nissan LEAF in the Russian Federation, the Japanese are quite careful. «For the development of electrical transport, the creation of the demand in the market, the development of infrastructure, the change in the legislation, the creation of preferential conditions of electric vehicles by the owners,» said Roman Skolsky commented on Roman.

According to the assessment of the Avtostat Analytical Agency last year, about 305 thousand new passenger cars of Japanese brands were sold in our country. This is 9% less than in 2018. The highest drop in the Nissan brand (-20%). According to experts of the agency, they accounted for almost 19% of the Russian market. Leadership among Japanese models for business sedan

Nevertheless, Nissan sedan in the Russian market is represented by the Datsun subsidiary brand. Today it is announced about the start of sales in Russia of the updated version of the Datsun ON-DO sedan. Created on the basis of the Lada grants, the car in the version 2020 of the model year has some cosmetic changes. They touched the body design and interior of the car. Indeed, the new elements in this car are not so much, because the «fresh» front part in fact is the same that the hatchback Datsun Mi-Do. If this couple had a different «face expression», now it is the same. Another change concerns the basic version of Access: the bumpers and the mirrors are now painted in the body color. And orange added to the palette (first was only at hatchback) and dark gray. Changes in the cabin are even less. There were other rear-view mirrors and the parking brake handle. The finalized microclimate control unit — with a reduced force on the handles. Power units are old. These light changes in the budget sedan indicate that the model will still live on the AvtoVAZ conveyor. But a long promised crossover Datsun has not yet appeared even in the case of a concept. However, in the heads of top managers Nissan, the idea of ​​closing the project reborn five years ago a budget brand. The catalyst of conversations about it became small sales volumes in two markets in India and Indonesia, key for the brand. In Russia, last year of their buyers found 22,428 «DanSunov».