Russian fleet: figures and brands


Analysts and specialists from Avtostat-Info (not to be confused with the Analytical Agency «Avtostat») calculated the park of passenger cars in the Russian Federation. Our channel offers to plunge into a boring, but cognitive world of statistics and numbers.

Since the calculation was based on the figures of officially registered cars (and how otherwise?), It turned out very interesting data.

The total volume of passenger cars in Russia, as of the beginning of 2020, is

If you divide this figure on our population of 146 million people, what we did, then got around

Also analysts note that there are 61.2% or 26.16 million units to a share of foreign cars, and the share of Russian cars is 38.8%, which corresponds to 16.6 million pieces.

However, the most mass brand in the country — Patriotic

In the fleet of the country predominate cars produced until 2010. Olkobrov in Russia there are 24,278,981 units.

But because of this, in the model standings the whole pedestal from domestic «Lada».

Among all the models registered in the country’s fleet, the most mass remains

In the top 5 of the most massive models of passenger cars in Russia also includes

The top 10 models include several more LADA cars. So, the sixth place occupies

Among other foreign cars, we note on the 12th place —