Russia was recorded in the «Third» automotive world


Between these events, a third century flashed unnoticed.

At the very beginning of the restructuring, in 1986, the Volga Automobile Plant (now AvtoVAZ) was visited by the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPSU Mikhail Gorbachev. Only one wishes of the former head of the country remained from that visit:

And the next event occurred after more than three decades. At the automotive forum of the automotive industry «Auto industry. Avtokomponent «, also held in Togliatti, Vice President of Purchasing PJSC AvtoVAZ Wancan Mamillapalle said that

From these words, the top manager of domestic auto giant is clear that it was decided that the model range of AvtoVAZ will switch to the platform of the Franco-Japanese Alliance Global Access, or differently, the Logan trolley B0. What and reported

This evolution, together with the whole country, made AvtoVAZ: from calls to become the legislator of the world automobile fashion before the fact that the domestic autohygoant as a daughter of one of the world manufacturers proceeds to its technological platform, and not the new one.

Much of water has leaked since the Secretary General pronounced the wish, and the domestic auto-giant survived so many events that it would be necessary to write a whole book about which Rogulins wrote out the fate of the country’s largest auto industry. In the end, AvtoVAZ became part of the Franco-Japanese automobile alliance, but did not become the legislator of the world automotive fashion.

Today, if you evaluate the domestic enterprise, it is not a large enterprise on global standards. In volume and production facilities quite

Today, in the world, there are actually no «self-sufficient» auto industry, except that several decades under the crown sanctions of Iran’s autocrats.

And since AvtoVAZ joined the Alliance, then it should play according to the rules of the alliance. But at the same time, as the director of Avtostat says, Sergey Celkov needs to be defended so that we have our own ip. But what will take the course in the alliance, which will accept managerial solutions — it will be. Now we do not solve us.

It is imperceptible to many readers in the information tape flashed a message about what is preparing for the release of Dacia Sandero hatchback. And this information is for us some marker. According to the French edition of L’Argus, this Romanian Nursery car will switch to a new platform, inherits the line of power units of the European best-selling French automaker RENAULT CLIO. Also add to the equipment and quality of the interior decoration, etc. The premiere of Sandero-New is likely to be held at the Paris Auto Show.

But the most important thing in L’Argus information, and it is not left unnoticed, this is the fact that

According to unofficial data,

Dacia Sandero hatchback, which will appear in 2020, will be somewhat larger than the current model on dimensions, will come close to the C-class hatchback Renault Megane or Ford Focus, but

That is, we see that a car that is sold in European markets adapts to the rigid requirements of the European Union. And this is normal, because in terms of sales Dacia Sandero has already been constantly «prescribed» in the top 10 European automotive market.

And what will be with Renault Sandero manufactured at AvtoVAZ? And here is a separate story. Her name is badge-engineering. Not in vain in the title of our material, we carried the verdict that the Russian Federation was recorded in the third world.

In the information of the French newspaper Le Figaro, it is argued that it was decided that under the brands Renault and Dacia will no longer produce the same cars. Guide Renault intends to bring the image of the French brand to a single denominator worldwide. Why it is necessary, it is easy to understand by the example of the Russian market: we have a Renault brand for a long time and firmly associated with simple and inexpensive cars of the Loganovsky family, while in Europe the brand represents completely different cars (trio of bestsellers — CLIO, Captur and Megane).

Therefore, the Logan / Sandero of the new generation is developed in two versions with different specifications.

By the way, this approach is very well illustrated by the creation of a Renault Arkana car.

Note that the creators of the car constantly emphasized that the main difference between the Arkana from other models of Renault Russian production — a seriously modified platform. Compared to a fairly outdated platform B0 (it is a Global Access) chassis for 55% new.

By the way, it should be noted that other automakers hold this approach. In particular, the new Czech Liftbek Skoda Rapid is a good illustration. The new Kaluga Rapid retained the old PQ25 platform, including the power structure of the body and the wheelbase of 2602 mm. On our channel we have characterized

Returning to the very beginning of our material, it is necessary to state that the new cars of the Domestic Brand Lada will gradually move to the Loganovskaya platform. And this is already confirmation. Such a path was Lada for thirty years. From the wishes of the party leader to become the legislator of automotive fashion in the world, until it is not the «most fresh» global platform of one of the world automakers. And the automotive market of the Russian Federation no longer consider neither the fastest growing nor super promising. The usual third world, as in Latin America or somewhere in Asia.