Russia wants to throw non-ecological cars


Officials of the profile Ministry of Industry RF want one shot to «kill two hares at once.» Increase the transport tax for Euro-3 environmental class cars and below. What consequences can lead to.

The Ministry of Industry and Commission of Russia invites from the next 2021 to increase the transport tax for Euro-3 environmental cars and below. This was stated by the US Deputy Minister Alexander Morozov.

«We will soon imagine a proposal in the Ministry of Transportation from January 1, 2021 to raise a radically the basic betting rate for Euro-3 and below,» said Morozov at the meeting held in Engels of the Saratov region.

In the same meeting, the head of the Committee on Transport and Construction of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Evgeny Moskvichov addressed Morozov with a proposal to prohibit the operation of commercial vehicles with a low environmental class.

«Let’s say» no «in two years with these cars that work on a commercial basis with the class of Euro-0, Euro-1, let us give them up in history, they are 35 years or more, and we buy spare parts,» said the deputy GD of the Russian Federation.

It is possible to understand the official, and the State Duma deputy can, because such a ban will provoke a whole chain of events and actions of merchants. The prohibition or makes the merchant to leave the transportation market, or, which is most likely, it will plan to buy a car that meets the new requirements of the Euro-4 class, Euro-5, and turn to the market of new cars or used equipment. This, in turn, will warm up the car market and increase the demand on it. What is not an anti-crisis solution in our hard time?

The scale of the update within the framework of the domestic fleet is completely considerable. As of January 1, 2020, 410 thousand buses were registered on the territory of the Russian Federation, 3 million 781 thousand trucks, 4 million 165 thousand light commercial vehicles and 44.5 million passenger cars.

According to the offer of Alexander Morozov, the transport tax from 2021 will be elevated immediately for 77% of the bus fleet, 80% of trucks, 72% of light commercial vehicles (LCV). However, in domestic passenger cars there are 52%.

As for the idea of the ban on the operation of the commercial transport of Evgeny Moskvicev, Euro-0 and Euro-1 cars, if it is given «green light», then from the beginning of 2022, the country will not be able to leave on the roads and stand on a joke of about 42% of the domestic bus fleet, About 60% of truck park, and more than 40% LCV Park. Conditionally, if there will be passenger cars for such a ban, about which they did not yet come in, then each fourth car would have hit, which are more accurate about 27% of the total.

However, the price of such an environmental cleansing of the domestic fleet of automotive equipment may also be different.