Russia fell under the shaft of budget new products


The current 2020 will enter the automotive history of the Russian Federation as the year of the large-scale onset of new state employees on the domestic car market. Restantiling to undergo at once five models of vehicle size vehicles in +. There was never such a one-step update in the latest history of the Russian car market.

Budget segment of cars

Even this segment aims to Uzbek

However, no one has canceled competition rules. The fresh product, the more the consumer «plays» it. So you can give a chart of the choice of vehicles on the household language. And the budget sector is no exception.

German-Czech updates

So, in 2020, six new cars will be presented in this class and not just presented, but their sales will begin. Today at the Volkswagen Kaluga Plant has already begun serial production of an updated model

Then in December, the world premiere said loudly

When we read the interview with the head of the Volkswagen Group in Russia Lars Himmer analytical agency Avtostat, published a few days ago, they drew attention to its passage. «In December, we have shown our new models from Skoda — a compact KaroQ crossover and a ripid rapid, and within 2020 we expect

You can simply decipher these words:

The main Russian newspaper has recently published the information that the largest dealer of the brand was performed on the terms of anonymity, our new Polo will repeat the path of his twin from India — Vento sedan. All these models are created on the already obsolete (relatively progressive modular MQB) PQ25 platform. As Vento and Rapid showed, no one is going to change it. Therefore, in the case of POLO, you have to talk really about the update. Here you have a mystery of Lars Himmer.

Our Polo will definitely have more global changes in the equipment list and in design, in comparison with Indian Vento. And most importantly, the deadlines for the appearance. The exact date is still unknown, but everything will happen «very soon!»

A similar situation like Czechs, also at the Koreans. Today, all the forces, all information resources are engaged in the question of the start of sales of the Kia Seltos crossover, which was unwound in the last six months. ATTENTION Obviously from another iconic event. On February 17, two events will be held at once in St. Petersburg — release at the Hönde Motor Manuekchuring Rus »Jubilee Car with Serial Number No. 2,000,000 and the premiere of the modernized sedan Hyundai Solaris. The company confirmed that Restyling Solaris for our country will receive their own characteristics that distinguish him from foreign state employees of the Korean brand. For example, Hyundai Verna for the Chinese market.

The face tightening resulted in the appearance of a new bumper, the diplomatic lattice, which has been raised by LED optics, modern rearview mirrors. Also changes occurred in the cabin of the car. But the technical part will remain unchanged. In the motor line, most likely, the former «atmospheric» will remain with a capacity of 100 and 123 horsepower, aggregated with a 6-speed MCPP or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

About the start of the production of upgraded Hyundai Solaris for our market is not reported yet, but on February 17, when Hönde Motors Manzfechchuring Rus will be held at the factory for the release of the anniversary car and the presentation of an updated model, one of the typewriter will tell about the start of production and timing Start sales. In the meantime, our sources say no earlier than the middle of the summer.

About the updated

We deliberately did not pay your attention to the Chinese premieres. Auto producers from the Middle Kingdom still do the emphasis and priority to the conclusion here of crossovers. Although there are decent cars in their model ranks. So soon in official dealer centers there will be a good model FAW BESTURN B30. It seems that while automakers from the Middle Kingdoms in Euphoria from crossovers and other SUV cars will raise attention to the «budget» segment.

And in conclusion, on our channel we have once talked about a re-attempt to enter the Ravon Korean brand market. This is another player who is trying to stake in the Russian car market with Lada class models. In the second half of the year, the output of the model similar to Chevrolet Onix is expected.