Renault Arkana overtakes Chinese haval, and the matter is here in the audience


The competition between the two most bright novelties in the SUV class last 2019 — Renault Arkana and the Chinese crossover Haval F7 continues. Who wins today?

Our channel continues to follow the two most bright novelties in the SUV class of the last 2019 — Renault Arkana and the Chinese crossover Haval F7.

It’s time to sum up the first total results. And again we state that the Frenchman, as we were represented, created in Russia, Russians and Russians with a gap

According to the press service of the French automaker in Russia for last year managed to implement

Renault Arkana stood on the conveyor of the Moscow Renault Russia plant in June 2019, and in the salons of official dealers began to be sold in July. Haval F7 is produced in the company «Havale Motors Manufekchuring Rus» near Tula. That is, both crossovers are localized in Russia.

For Renault Arkana in December, an iconic event was coming — the car rose to the last line (25th place) in the top 25 of the Russian market. This, of course, to a certain extent success for the novelty. In December, Mark dealers were able to sell 2,139 «Arkan».

But due to what success is achieved? Due to the younger model. From the prestigious top list «left» another model of the French brand — Renault Kaptur. Apparently, this is an example of cannibalization in the Renault model range. That is, one more stylish model has chopped off the audience in another slightly less than stylish. But the leader of the class SUV Renault Duster confidently keeps on the 6th position and the number of cars sold increased to 4.5 thousand pieces in the last month of the year. Such a picture of the French.

Chinese crossover

At the same time, in the overall standings of cars of Chinese brands, he ranked third. By skipping forward crossover

The Chinese, as it does not seem strange, in the falling Russian market today on the rise. We will not be analyzed here to analyze the reasons for this situation, but only we indicate that in the results of the year in the Russian Federation, more than 40 thousand Chinese brands were sold, which is 12% more than a year earlier.

In principle, the Chinese brand HAVAL turned out to be the most dynamic brand in the Russian market. In December, in comparison with a year earlier, its sales increased by 282%. And this is at a time when more than half of the brands presented in the Russian market occurs, sales decline. If we became members of some jury choosing a nominee for the prize, the most dynamic brand of the year in Russia, then the conditional gold statuette would be presented to the Chinese from Haval. However, this is a lyrics.

Let’s return to the realities. Since the new Chinese crossover lost to the Frenchman, it is worth paying attention to such three points. Who became the main buyer of the Coupe-Crossover, which configurations were chosen by buyers Renault Arkana, and where does the cross-coupe spend the audience?

And there are answers to these questions.

No matter how strange, but more

Renault Arkana has become the first model on which a new turbocharged Motor TCE 150 1.3 liters, created in collaboration with Daimler. More

Such are the first results of the start of two new crossovers, which made the automakers in the Russian Federation. Both models are at the very beginning of their life cycle. And it is always interesting how their path will continue in the Russian market. So we will follow.