Ravon is slow


The announced return to the Russian car market of the brand

According to the results of 2019, the statistics of the European Business Association (AEB) did not record the sales of Ravon cars. In the final plate opposite the name of the brand there is a number «0». But in fact, selling these Korean brand cars from Uzbekistan began.

According to RIA Novosti Shukhrat Missamukov, Head of the Sales Development Department, after-sales service and exports of the Uzauto components, dealers from Russia for the period from October to the end of the year

«We have not filed information to AEB. Russian dealers bought 683 cars from us, of which 139 Hatchbacks R2 (Chevrolet Spack), 294 — R3 Nexia (Chevrolet Aveo) and 250 — R4 (Chevrolet Cobalt). We have now 56 dealers. We plan to increase the volumes of this year in Russia, we now have a distributor at negotiations in Tashkent, «said Shukhrat Mirsamukov.

Recall, the solemn return of the brand took place in Moscow on September 22 last year. The company resumed the sale of cars in the Russian Federation, but in the report of the European Business Association (AEB) for 2019, not a single machine of this brand was not reflected. Although initially declared the volume of 7 thousand cars. As a result, passed 10 times less.

In 2020, the Uzbek automaker retains plans for the sale of about 35 thousand cars in Russia. They will be delivered from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. And in general, top managers of the company spoke about the plans for the conclusion to the Russian market a total of seven-eight models in 2022.

Today, according to Mirsamukov, marketing strategy is being developed, financial instruments. «We think further to develop cooperation with Russian dealers,» said the top manager.

The company, as planned, is going to submit new models in the Russian market, which now develops together with General Motors, but the manager did not inform the deadlines for the possible appearance of new products. Apparently, we are talking about the model

«We plan to participate in the Moscow Motor Show, and I hope we can submit new models there,» Mirssamukov added.

The company also hopes to organize an assembly in Russia, but negotiations are still in pause mode, the representative of the automaker told.

However, even if there are real plans in 35 thousand cars, it will be only one tenth of sales of domestic auto giant AvtoVAZ in the Russian market. In turn, last year in the segments where Ravon plans to operate, 615 thousand new cars sold in the Russian Federation.