RAVON — Daewoo Empire Ranounced Draws


The RAVON automaker returned to Russia corrects its mistakes.

As you know, a loud presentation of the returned again after the one and a half year old, Ravon’s Korean brand took place in Moscow on September 22. Our channel told about this event. And even got a great response of readers.

Indeed, in the last statistical calculation of the Association of European Business (AEB) for November of the current year in the line opposite the name of this Korean brand there is a number «0». Did you really not sold a single car in two months after the start?

No, these cars are sold. From the window of our edition in the neighboring yard there is already a brand new baby Ravon R2 blue with a state number. Apparently, the statistics of the Moscow representation of the Uzbek automaker has not yet filed to AEB.

Although the plans for the automaker were «Napoleonic». We will remind, according to the general director of the «Uzavto Center» Sarvara Kadyrov this year on the Russian market were plans to realize 7 thousand pieces of cars RAVON, and in the next 2020th already 34 thousand. Head spoke of plans to take 2% of the Russian market and that That the competitive advantage of the brand is the cost, quality and availability of cars and service and after-sales service.

Our readers

Recall, Ravon cars are supplied to Russia for two transport and logistics schemes. Nexia R3 cars are carried in the Russian Federation from Kazakhstan from Kostanay (former. Kustanai). And Ravon R2 and R4 cars are imported from the head plant «UzAVTOMTORS» in Uzbekistan. Warehouses for cars and spare parts Ravon are located in the Moscow region and Sterlitamak.

On this we wanted to complete the review about the Ravon brand. But here, from South Korea, the sad news came from the fact that the founder of the Daewoo group Kim Khong died at the age of 82. And this man, it can even be called a legend, not only has to do with Ravon brand as the heir of a vast empire of the Korean chaebol (companies) Daewoo. Kim Zhong established the company on March 22, 1967. At first, Daewoo Industries was engaged in the textile industry, then launched a shipbuilding business. But this is not all, the diversification of the company’s production led to the fact that it began to produce electronic components, consumer electronics, components for aircraft engineering, weapons, heavy engineering. The company developed rapidly and has entered into the sphere of construction and hospitality industries, financial services and telecommunications.

In now, the distant 1982 Daewoo took up cars.

She acquired a small company Saehan Motors, which partly belonged to the American concern General Motors. Therefore, the first Daewoo cars were only slightly modified Opel. Many people remember that the Daewoo Nexia car, which for a long time was sold on the Russian market, was built on the basis of the Opel Kadett E 1984 model.

But our government had even plans to sell AvtoVAZ Korean Daewoo. It was in the 90s that the Korean Chebol began a large-scale foreign expansion.

The scheme was simple. In the negotiations in the governments of different countries, Koreans put the conditions — you «close» the local car market with high barrier duties, and we invest in your automatic enterprise. And in some markets it happened according to such a scheme. It is enough to remember that the Korean automaker Daewoo Motors became the owner of the automotive assets as the Warsaw Plant FSO (Fabryka Samohodow Osobowyh), the Romanian Oltcit plant in Kraiova and even the Ukrainian Zaporizhia ZAT plant. According to such a scheme, the assets were also acquired in countries and Latin America.

In addition, the Center for the design of cars was opened in Munich, from where well-known models of Lanos, Nubira, Espero, Leganza and others came out and this expansion quickly «choked.»

In the peak of his «heyday» in the 90s, Daewoo was the second largest conglomerate of South Korea, yielding only Hyundai. By 1998, Daewoo had 42 branches within the country and 396 representative offices abroad.

The problems of the Korean corporation began at the end of the nineties: then «rushed» the Asian crisis, and South Korea did not remain aside from him. The country experienced a deep financial crisis, as a result of which in 1999 Daewoo was recognized as bankrupt. The company’s debts have reached a crazy amount of $ 50 billion.

Despite all attempts to get financial support and promises to return all loans with interest when the crisis is over, and the group will enter a new level, Daewoo did not receive the necessary funds, went bankrupt, becoming the main victim of the crisis from the number of Korean conglomerates.

Kim Zhong left the country, and after returning to his homeland on June 14, 2005 he was arrested. The former head of the corporation brought public apologies, adding that he is ready to accept all the accusations.

According to the results of the court hearing in May 2006 Kim, Zhong was sentenced to ten years in prison, but on December 30, 2007 he received an amnesty by decree of the President of the Republic of Korea but Mu Hyun.

And what is the fate of the Daewoo automobile division? Production of trucks and buses has passed to the property of the Indian oligarch Ratan Tata, forming Tata Daewoo. But General Motors has become the full owner of this division of the Daewoo group, producing passenger cars. In 2011, it was finally transformed into GM Korea. However, today most of the divisions of the former Daewoo corporation belong to other companies. However, several firms working in the spheres of shipbuilding, trade, energy and production of electronic components continue to wear the name Daewoo. And the new owners suggested that the name Daewoo is no longer conquered on cars. So the current Ravon brand was born, under the name of which cars produced in Uzbekistan. The Romanian plant sold the American Ford, the Ukrainian ZAZ became part of the company Ukravtoprom, and Warsaw FSO went down in history. Oh, once the huge Daewoo Empire, which he founded Kim at Zhong, will now resemble only the Ravon car brand from Uzbekistan.