Rating and antwooty: cars from the country of the rising sun


Spend an experiment and ask a person who ever owned the right-handed Japanese car, which best quality during operation he revealed and can be called. We are confident, it will be the characteristics of the perfect vehicle. But, as you know, not all «yogurts are the same.» And Idealize all Japanese autotechnika makes no sense. Our channel was the rating, which includes the most popular Japanese cars in Russia. At the same time, anti-tating of those Japanese cars, which are not in demand in the domestic car market are compiled.

Recall that today 10 autobrands from Japan are represented on the Russian market of new cars. But the most interesting thing is that some cars that fell into our Japan rating are not the work of the Japanese design thought. The so-called globalization is to blame.

Well, now actually about cars. The first model that opens the rating

The second to the annual finish

Closes the top three Japanese leaders

Updated crossover

But at the seventh place the original representative of the alleged Japanese brand, and in fact actually the domestic auto industry. We are talking about car in the body

The ninth place also the Japanese of Nevaponian origin. With sales of 12,622 pieces in the rating hit the cross

The class of car enthusiasts of «Subarvodov», «Suzukovodov», «Hondovodov» we have small. This is reflected on the volume of car market sales. Not bad, but expensive cars are sold no matter. Therefore, we made an anti-racification of 10 cars of Japanese origin, which buyers bypassed the party. And they acquired their real connoisseurs of these brands. Loyalty is simply prone to tests, and the most devoted motorists still made their choice.

The most unclaimed turned out to be

Also in antireting included such Japanese cars as

Two more cars on an amateur —

Classmate business sedan Camry from Subaru updated model

The Japanese brand Isuzu is associated with commercial vehicles, but in the passenger segment it is represented by our only model —

Russian «Suzukovoda» sealed into two models of this Japanese manufacturer — SX4 and Vitara. Somehow, the cult suzuki jimny remained in their demand, the owner of which was 557 Russians. Here we got anti-raid.