OSRAM TRUST: Simple and modern online checking method


OSRAM car lamps are known for high quality and performance. However, there are more and more products that simply imitate not only individual details of the German brand products, but also the name, logo and branded packaging of the company. Some fakes are so close to the original that even a professional may not notice the difference. Not mistaken with the choice of a real xenon and halogen lamp will help a convenient check system — the OSRAM TRUST online platform. The main task of this program in one is to protect the consumer from counterfeit.

The OSRAM TRUST program includes two protective elements that complement each other — a protective label with a unique code to track the product in the system and marking on the base of the lamp. In the online check system, they must coincide.

The OSRAM original automotive lamp package is equipped with a protective sticker with a hologram and microtext, which contains a unique 7-digit code to verify the lamps. We go to the site of the program

If you have a program to recognize the QR code in your phone, check the lamp will be even easier. It is enough to scan the QR code from the lamp sticker, as the program automatically translates you to the platform, will load 7-digit code into the system and verify. If an error occurs when checking or receiving a fake notification, the user will receive instructions on further actions.

Xenon and halogen protected

The OSRAM TRUST program has been operating since 2015 — since then all OSRAM xenon lamps are equipped with protective elements. The company does not accidentally start online verification from xenon, because these lamps are the most high-tech and expensive. Now the program includes both OSRAM halogen lamps that also need protection. In the fleet of Russia and the CIS, used passenger cars with halogen heads are dominated — it is not by chance that this type of lamps accounts for the lion’s share of fakes.

Original guarantees

The counterfeit product does not give any guarantee relative to the service life, while the original lamp made according to the most modern technologies will fully pay off by the car owner. The fact is that on many models of cars replacement of headlight lamps are pretty problematic and requires dismantling the headlights, and even the bumper. And after installation, the lamp is often required to adjust the black and white boundary using a special stand. Having established a dubious lamp, the car owner with a large share of the likelihood will face soon of its failure. It pulls not only the need to buy a new lamp, but also repeated adjustment operations with a headload.

Guaranteed reliability after replacement can only provide an original lamp. The standard service life of OSRAM xenon lamps reaches 3500-4000 hours under the branded warranty for a period of 1 year. The Xenarc® Original lamps are a warranty for a period of 4 years, and the Xenarc® Ultra Life line has a guaranteed service life of 10 years. For some OSRAM halogen lamps, for example, the Ultra Life family, the warranty service life is 4 years — despite the fact that other manufacturers do not provide warranty on their halogen lamps.


Some sellers may remain old stocks of xenon and OSRAM halogen lamps that are not equipped with protective labels with test codes. A request for the authentication of such products can be sent by the e-address trustru@osram.com with its contact information, information about the point of sale, a copy of payment documents and photos of the product and packaging.