OSRAM — exclusive supplier of intelligent systems for modular electrocarcar Rinspeed Metrosnap


OSRAM has introduced recent developments in the field of photonics for the automotive industry, equipping the futuristic concept car Rinspeed Metrosnap smart LED systems.

The presentation of an unmanned electric vehicle took place at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 consumer electronics exhibition, which traditionally takes place in Las Vegas in the first half of January.

Metrosnap’s ideology was an electric unmanned chassis (Skateboard platform) with interchangeable modules of various purposes — from passenger and cargo taxi to a mobile shop and package delivery service. In creating this car, OSRAM has taken the most direct participation, embodying a number of its high-tech developments in the design.

Headlighting of the autonomous electric car was created on the basis of the branded technology Osrameviyos. This complex of «luminous pixels» is a set of LED light sources, managed individually through their own miniature processors. With their help, the system instantly responds to a changing road situation, increasing and reducing the illumination of the desired zones around the machine.

Metrosnap is also equipped with a laser radar (LIDAR) from OSRAM. His infrared beam continuously scans the surrounding space, allowing the vehicle to put the correct course, follow the streams of flow and adequately react to the appearance of obstacles. In addition, OSRAM LED technologies helped turn the housing panels, windows, and even license plate numbers into full-fledged digital screens for transmitting information.

OSRAM development took an important place in the internal systems of electric vehicles. The biometric 3D human recognition technology on the face image and palm pattern provides access to the machine only for authorized users. Intelligent interior lighting is an equally useful option with unmanned driving, which makes a trip comfortable and safe. OSRAM solutions, such as OSIR IRGB LEDs, adapt the brightness and temperature of the mood and well-being passengers. Another advanced OSRAM VCSEL technology is designed to scan the cab cabbage with a Metrosnap laser beam. It helps to find in the cabin left things and notify about the find of forgetful passengers.

«Throughout its more than 110-year history, OSRAM has always strived for change. The ability to transform our business and constantly introduce innovation is the key to outstanding success and prosperity in the future, «said Stefan Campmann, Technical Director Osram Licht AG. — Focusing on the photonics, we create advanced solutions and technologies that improve the lives of people around the world. «

OSRAM is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lighting systems with more than 110-year history. The company’s headquarters is located in Munich, Germany. The product range includes advanced solutions based on semiconductor technologies. These include, for example, infrared and laser light systems, which are used in various fields, including in virtual reality, mobile phones, autonomous vehicles and in intellectual lighting of buildings and urban spaces. In the field of automotive lighting, the company is a recognized technological and market leader of a global scale.