Optimal operating temperature.



For efficient operation, the internal combustion engine requires as much permanent temperature regime. For this purpose, thermostats are used.

MAHLE Aftermarket

• Inserts for thermostats, thermostats integrated, cabinet, with electronic control, with a locking valve

• Thermostats for recycling

• Oil thermostats

• thermal sensors and thermal switches

Electronic control thermostats are the most efficient thermostats in the cooling circuit.

The use of controlled thermostats allows you to increase the efficiency of the engine.

The thermostat is placed in the wax of the working element and is electrically activated through the control unit. Thereby significantly reduces the reaction time to change load and operating conditions.

Temperature control Depending on the load has the following advantages:

• optimal fuel combustion

• reduction of fuel consumption

• Reducing emissions

• Increased engine life

• Productivity increase

• Comfort improvement