No longer «Niva».


The domestic automaker Lada launches the production of the modernized SUV LADA 4×4: the car received an upgraded interior, became comfortable and safer.

A new climate control unit has appeared on a fully updated instrument panel. Three rotating handles and drivers of heater and recycling dampers, as well as new air ducts increase the efficiency of the system and the convenience of its use.

In addition, the volumetric box became a volumetric box, 2 outlets 12V were introduced on the console, and the combination of devices was more convenient for perception white backlight of the speedometer, tachometer and on-board computer, which introduced an extended list of functions. On the floor tunnel — new cup holders and niche for small items. Style changes in the instrument panels in such a way that modern functionality has harmonized with the classic design of the car, thanks to which he recognizes worldwide.

New, more comfortable seats received developed lateral support. The front armchairs for three-door cars received an upgraded mechanism of folding, and 2 headrests appeared on the back row of the seats, which had a positive effect at the security level.

Positive impressions of the interior are also formed using the new ceiling upholstery, which mounted a more efficient lighting beam with an integrated ERA-GLONASS unit. New ceiling handrails and sunscreen visors, as well as upgraded upholstery windshield racks are applied.

Special attention in the modernization of LADA 4×4 was paid to an increase in the vibroacoustic comfort of the car. New supports of the power unit, reduced the level of vibration, and an improved noise-vibration insulation package on the body panels.

The modernized interior appeared on all cars of the Lada 4×4 family. A modification of LADA 4×4 Urban also received fog lights integrated into the front bumper.

Recall that today Lada 4×4 is the most affordable SUV on the Russian market and one of the world-famous cars. The combination of compactness, prices, passability and such sought-after options as air conditioning and heating seats, make LADA 4×4 by a versatile, multitasking. New security and comfort systems will expand the range of consumers LADA 4×4, and those who are familiar with the car will help to open up new qualities of the legendary model.

The start date of sales, the composition of the packages and prices will be published additionally.