NISSAN Something Makes


The unexpected drop in sales of crossovers of the Japanese brand Nissan on the domestic car market has raised the question of the future brand in Russia.

In addition, information about the fact that a brand experiencing financial difficulties is coming from Japan to concentrate on key markets — USA and PRC.

But on this negative background and encouraging information. In the open base of patents of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property, images of a new generation Nissan Sentra sedan appeared. Why so quickly Japanese autocontrace pinned a new sedan in the Russian Federation, who allegedly plans to sell on this local market? Answer options can be two. Throughout, visibility, it is an insurance in case of further decline in sales in the Russian Nissan car market. The second option, as they say «no smoke without fire.» The patent protection procedure is necessary in order to «stroke» the place and later not only sell a new sedan, expanding the model range of the Japanese brand, but also carefully assume to produce it at one of the enterprises of the French-Japanese Alliance in the Russian Federation.

But first a few words about the new Nissan Sentra. Of the changes in the new sedan, we allocate a new proprietary appearance of the novelty, in which the similarities are guessed with larger Nissan Altima and Maxima sedans, as well as with Kicks and X-Trail crossovers. As for changes in the cabin, now there is a seven-chimney color display between the speedometer and the tachometer, which is displayed additional useful information. The control of the multimedia complex with the «new features» answers the touchscreen diagonal eight inches.
The main change in the technical part of the sedan was the rear independent suspension, which came to replace the former torsion beam.

In the US market, the new Sentra is offered with a two-liter four-cylinder engine, which replaced the former 1.8 liter engine. A paired engine with a variator develops 151 liters. with. and 197 N · m of torque.

But there are both moments that will not contribute to the exit of this model in the Russian Federation. At first,

Dimensional class with, in which Nissan Sentra is positioned, today it is compressed in the Russian market. Recall, the share of this dimensional class in November 2019 was only 5.4% (according to AA Autostat). But a decade ago he occupied about 30%. Here there is a desperate competitive struggle between such representatives of the C-class as

Currently, Nissan is represented by five models on the Russian market: Terrano, Qashqai, Murano and X-Trail crossovers, and a GT-R sports car.

This list lacks another crossover, which has already gained high popularity in other markets. Namely Nissan Kicks, and for what reasons.

For a long time promised «adapted» Nissan Kicks Parcourt finally entered the market. True, while on Indian, where he came to replace the TERRANO model. However, it may well appear in the Russian model range of the Japanese company. And for what reason that is banal. The Indian crossover is based on a simple and cheap platform B0. And not even the fresh: kick steering wheel is adjusted only in height, airbags no more than four (front and side), and the rear brakes can only be drum. Compare, a new Renault Arkana crossover steering wheel can be adjusted by departure, security curtains and disk rear mechanisms are provided.

The «real» Nissan Kicks debuted three years ago in 2016. This is the younger model in the cross-door scale built on the Nissanov platform V. It is released at the factories in Brazil, Mexico and China. Moreover, Mexican cars are selling even in the United States and Canada, where they replaced Juke. However, for the markets of India and, most likely, Russia will be intended «Other» Kicks. Nissanovtsy can go along the same path that the Renault Alliance Partner has turned European Captur to the Russian Renault Kaptur.

Let us explain, moving to the platform B0, Indian Kicks, following the example of the capture, added in size. The wheelbase grew by 63 mm and now the same as the Russian capture (2673 mm). And along the length of the Indian crossover surpassed all his fellows: 4384 mm, that is, 89 mm more than the original Nissan Kicks, and 51 mm is longer than our cap. Moreover, such Kicks turned out to be even a little longer than Nissan Qashqai (4377 mm, width — 1813 mm, height — 1656 mm). The claimed road clearance is quite parquet — 210 mm.

When to wait in Russia, what motors will we have, what about prices? While the mystery behind the seven seals. It is clear that the Japanese designers together with Russian colleagues will have to work a lot. By the way, some time ago even flashed a message that they say the name is intact, so Kiks can replace with a more congestive GRIPZ.

In the meantime, Nissan is doing not so hot like. As a result of the 11 months of 2019, dealers implemented 56,619 Japanese brand cars. This is 22% lower than the same period last year. As a result, Nissan took the eighth place on sales among all automakers in Russia, and the share of the brand market was 3.6%, according to AEB. The Nissan Qashqai crossover remains the Nissan Qashqai crossover, whose sales in January-November increased by 6% and amounted to 21,749 pieces. As a result, he entered the top 25 best-selling models in the Russian market.