Nissan Leaf will sing not to scare pedestrians


The updated electromotive Nissan LEAF will now be with an optimized Pro Pilot system and a sound generation function when driving.

By the 10-year anniversary of Nissan Leaf, the Japanese brand prepared a grand update of the model. Updated Leaf, which will be released on the local brand market in February 2020, will be able to boast of an improved complex of Pro Pilot systems, new systems of help to the driver and colors. In addition, for the electric hatchback, a new Canto system is available for the first time, designed to increase pedestrian security. Thanks to her, the car will be able to publish the sound of different heights, which will change depending on how the car moves: accelerates or slows down. The volume of sound will be enough to alert pedestrians and participants of the movement of the car maneuvers and the intentions of the driver.

The Nissan Leaf 2020 model year also received an improved information and entertainment complex with a 9-inch touchscreen display. Colors — Vivid Blue and Stealth Gray appeared in the color scheme, in any of them the roof will be installed antenna in the form of a «shark fin.»

The second generation of LEAF appeared in 2017. The car was equipped with an electric motor issuing 150 hp and a battery unit for 40 kilowatt-hours. From place to hundreds of hatchback accelerates in 8.2 seconds. On one charge of the battery, the electric car can drive about 380 km.