Nissan can clap the door


The respectable FINANCIAL Times issued a sensation in the morning. It turns out that the Japanese car concern Nissan accelerated the development of a plan to exit the alliance with Renault.

The Nissan automaker accelerated the development of a plan for the possible exit from the Alliance with Renault on the background of the scandal with the ex-head of the Renault Alliance — Nissan — Mitsubishi Carlos Gon, reports the Financial Times newspaper with reference to sources in the company’s manual.

According to the newspaper, it is planned to terminate cooperation in the production and engineering and technical spheres and permutation of managers in the Board of Nissan. At the same time, the publication notes that the rupture of cooperation will lead to the need to search for new partners to work in global competition.

In fact, information, if it corresponds to reality, is very serious and can affect the operational activities of the Japanese automaker in the Russian Federation.

Recall that the Franco-Japanese Alliance, which was formed by two automakers, until the last moment was sufficiently successful. This is a unique experience in the global experience, which consists in strategic partnership based on the fact that the investment of each company is carried out in the financial interests of the other. But at the same time the individual branded identity and independent corporate culture remain. Simply put, the individuality of cars Renault and Nissan is preserved, and technical developments become common. This is expressed in particular in the design of cars on common platforms.

The idea of the founding of the Alliance belonged to the previous leader Renault Louis Swweinge. Then 20 years ago in 1999, the Japanese Nissan came to the financial pit. The concern was deeply unprofitable. The French automaker stretched out help hand, they purchased 43.4% of Nissan shares. In turn, Nissan-y owns 15% Renault, though without the right to vote.

The head of Nissan then was appointed not the most guests Carlos Gon. He was to pull the second largest automobile concern of Japan from the crisis. The position of the Japanese concern was aggravated by the peculiarities of the legislation of the country of the rising sun. For example, one of the provisions of labor legislation was a lifelong hiring of workers. But still creative genius and administrative vein Carlos Gon, the Lebanese on origin, made it seemingly incredible. Optimization was carried out and Nissan reached the growth and development zone. Carlos Gon for produced operations to reduce costs was recognized by the Guru and received the nickname «Killer Killer» (killer of expenses).

In addition, Renault and Nissan combined various research and development, production and business operations to increase monetary savings, integrate two companies and accelerate development. In 2006, the leaders of the Alliance offered to enter their union to experience the difficulties of American General Motors. But for a number of reasons it was not possible to do.

Since 2010, the Alliance has been implementing a number of projects under the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the German company Daimler AG. In particular, the fruit of such cooperation was the turbocharged engine TCE 1.3, which today is installed on the Renault Arkana cross-coupe, manufactured in Moscow.

In 2016, another Mitsubishi Motors automotive market player joined the Alliance. And in September 2017, the Alliance announces its six-year development plan «Alliance 2022», in which a new goal is to double the annual synergies from cooperation to 10 billion euros by the end of the term. Carlos Gong on the Presentation Plan noted: «To achieve this goal, on the one hand, Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors will speed up cooperation on common platforms, power units and electrical, autonomous and connected technologies of the next generation. On the other hand, synergy will be intensified at the expense of our growing scale. According to forecasts, our overall annual sales of cars will exceed 14 million pieces, and revenues are expected to be 240 billion dollars to the end of the term. » But these Napoleonic plans are not destined to come true.

But here it happened unexpected: from November 2018, Carlos Gon was under investigation in Japan. Then, a number of heads of Nissan accused the Chairman of the Board of Directors in financial fraud, and subsequently, Renault and Mitsubishi were joined by the charges. Carlos Gon was released on bail. And on the eve of the New Year, Gon escaped from Japan. But this is another story, as used to escape cases of musical instruments. Gon, being in his homeland in Lebanon, said that he had escaped from «unfair and political persecution,» which was subjected to Japan. And the consequences of themselves did not find a long time to wait — Nissan comes out of the alliance.

It is still difficult to say how this demarche and its consequences will affect the Russian car market and partner of the Alliance by the largest automaker AvtoVAZ. Since previous agreements are violated, and the plans will be inevitably adjusted.

First, the Japanese automaker Nissan is unlikely to go to single swimming. Today, on the courtyard of the Epoch of globalization and, accordingly, the current management of the company will look for a place in another alliance. But in such a sustainable financial situation. This new partner can become the Italian-French-American Union PSA and Fiat-Chrysler. And maybe another major automaker.

Secondly, still a major Mitsubishi Motors shares belong to Nissan. Recall that the purchase transaction 34% of MMC shares for 237 billion Japanese yen occurred in 2016. So Nissan will go not alone in independently swimming.

Thirdly, the destruction of the Alliance will lead to a separate management of business partners in the Russian Federation. What can change here? The most likely to be the following. But first make a retreat.

Soothes the fact that the decisions created in the framework of the alliance are still used by partners. As an example, you can bring the Daimler-Chrysler-Mitsubishi-Hyundai partnership. The atmospheric engines of 2.0 and 2.4, created within the framework of this alliance, are still installed on Kia Sportage and other models of the Korean conglomerate.

The Nissan HR-16 atmospheric engine, it also in the Renault classification as it comes to specifically cooperation in Russia, then, at the Renault Moscow plant, after the divorce, the Nissan Terrano car will stop. On the AvtoVAZ conveyor is also unlikely to rise long ago the crossover on the Alliance Platform B0 — Nissan Kiks.

The engine manufactured at AvtoVAZ, which developed Nissan HR16 (1.6 l, with a capacity of 113 hp) also threatens as a result of the wreck of the alliance. Now this motor is carried by the index of the French automaker H4M. Also, some alarm is inspired by the fact that Jatco is owned by Nissan. And as you know, last year the Lada Vesta and Lada Xray model have acquired automatic transmissions of this manufacturer. But let’s hoping for the best, the supply of variators to the VAZ conveyor will not cease.