New Volkswagen Polo will greatly surprise


The unexpected decision on the updated Volkswagen Polo is accepted by the German automaker. Sedan turn into a five-door liftback. What caused such a change in the type of body of the most popular European car?

VolkSwagen produced in Kaluga, without a small 10 years, the four-door sedan VW Polo has long been updated for a long time. Now we are just knowing that there is actually a sensation awaits us.

The German automaker opened the curtain over the new future Polo, posted in sketches and shed first information about the novelty. The main thing is the future Polo will be

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But we turn to the sketches that the German automaker showed. They are clearly visible form of body and doorways. It hurts they resemble Rapidovsky. Also, the dimensions of the machine are also dischard. The stated length (4483 mm) and the width (1706 mm) of the future POLO exactly coincide with the pre-reform Czech Liftback. Thus, the new German Liftbek will be 93 mm longer and 7 mm wider than the current Polo sedan. Also declared about the increased spacious on the back row for passengers. What indirectly indicates an increase in the wheelbase: Skoda Rapid has 2602 mm, compare the POLO-sedan’s current generation with a 2553 mm. The declared volume of the trunk 550 liters against 490 at the current sedan.

And a few more details. All lighting equipment at the coming liftback POLO will be LED. In the basic version, reflex headlights, and in expensive versions — searchlights. Rear lights completely lost incandescent bulbs. And the Polo-Liftbek will be the first Volkswagen with a new logo on the radiator.

The interior on the sketch is also very similar to the updated rapid: the layout of the front panel and the center console is exactly the same, although the design is different. On the choice — a media system with a screen with a diagonal of 6.5 or 8.25 inches, an ordinary radio without touchscreen will not. The options list added virtual instruments, heated steering and rear seats, the engine start button and an invisible access system. The names of the packages are changed: now — Origin, Respect, Status and Exclusive.

Information about the power scheme did not bring some surprises. This is an atmospheric 1.6 MPI (90 or 110 hp) in a pair with «mechanics» or a six-speed «automatic» AISIN, as well as turbo engine 1.4 TSI (125 hp) with a seven-step preselective «robot» DSG. All the details about the new Polo and photographs will be published until the end of February.