New threat Lada


The Uzbek automaker owning the RAVON brand will soon begin the release of another budget car, which will be a direct competitor to the Russian Lada. Moreover, the field of the competitive battle will cover not only the countries of Central Asia and the CIS, but also in the Russian Federation.

This information was reported by one of the top managers of the company Shukhrat Mirsamukov, who said the following:

«This product is absolutely new and, even if we compare with competitors for design and technical characteristics, it is much higher than,» the barcode added to the Characteristics of the car Uzbek leader.

By and large is not a secret, which car will develop the Central Asian enterprise.

It is important that onix is the first car in the process of updating the model line of the Uzbek motorwriter. After all, today from the conveyor in Uzbek Asak, the morally outdated gamut of cars from Chevrolet (Nexia / Aveo / Cobalt / Spark), only under the RAVON brand.

I look around and see, what’s the new feature chip?

In Brazil, Chevrolet Onix of the second generation began to sell in the spring, and both in the body of the sedan and four-door hatchback. On the local market, the four-door is called Chevrolet onix Plus, and the five-door hatchback onix is designed specifically for the local market.

The sedan has a length of 4474 mm and a width of 1730 mm, the wheelbase is 2600 mm. In Prinzpe, it is not bad for class B +. At the heart of Chevrolet Onix New is a new Global Emerging Markets, which is designed for inexpensive compact cars for South America and China. In fact, this is a modified and simplified Delta platform, which is familiar to the Russians on the Chevrolet Cruze model.

But the simplicity of the design does not mean failure in terms of safety. The new onix was awarded the maximum five-star rating of the Latin NCAP Association. The sedan demonstrated a worthy protection of passengers, and already in the basic configuration he has six airbags and a stabilization system.

The interior is simple, but not worse: here are full devices and a spacious second row. Basic equipment includes air conditioning, radio and power windows. From the options there is a MYLINK 3 media system with a sevenuminum screen, climate control, rear view camera, engine start button, light sensor and Wi-Fi. And on the top of the gamma is the Premier version with the «leather» seats, two-color salon trim and 16-inch wheels.

Under the hood of Brazilian cars, a new three-cylinder turbo engine with a volume of 1.0 liters, which on gasoline issues 114 hp, and on the ethanol distributed in Brazil — 116 hp Moreover, the engine has a simple distributed injection system: engineers have abandoned direct nozzles due to low fuel quality in Brazil. While only the six-speed «automatic» is proposed, with which the sedan can accelerate to 100 km / h for 9.7 s. Subsequently, a manual gearbox appears, and a non-reported liter motor is announced for the hatchback. It is clear that the Uzbek version of OnIX will most likely be equipped with a semi-cubic aggregate of GM PowerTrain Uzbekistan, known to us by Cobalt and Lacetti.

In general, a decent car will come to us from Uzbekistan, the main thing is that they did not lose with prices.