New Lada Granta: Premiere next year


Nevertheless, it is preparing … a new generation of the most popular car of the country Lada Granta.

As shared with motorists the oldest car publication of the country «Driving», the premiere of a new generation of the most popular domestic car Lada Granta will be held next year.

But the most important thing and valuable in this information is that the domestic bestseller will definitely be on the French platform. The current generation of the car is based on a cart, which leads its pedigree from the VAZ chassis, the times of the «Chisel-eight». Accordingly, it does not satisfy modern requirements.

Also, «driving» reports that the work on the machine is pretty intensively: the design is being finalized, the purchase of equipment began. In principle, this information recently reported our channel, telling you, dear readers that Lada Granta

AvtoVAZ is difficult to maintain confidential corporate information. She is quickly drowning for the factory passage of domestic auto giant.

Most likely, the main domestic «stateput» will be set aside in the corporate VAZ «X-style» Steve Mattina. It has passed too little time since the introduction of this design to look for a different direction in the design of domestic cars. Recall that Lada Vesta became the first-mention of the new design styla — the flagship of the AvtoVAZ model range, which went on sale in the fall of 2015 ,.

So, Lada Grata will move to the B0 / Global Access platform.

The purpose of such an operation is the unification and maintenance of the low price of the car. The VAZ chassis of the Seasons «Eight» with modern requirements no longer corresponds.

Thus, Lada Granta «will breed» with the NIVA of the next generation, which will also be transferred to the architecture of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance.

Accordingly, the platform created by NTC AvtoVAZ will continue only for Lada Vesta

Our channel also reported that the transition of AvtoVAZ models on the Alliance platform has long been announced. Two years ago, remember. «Those models that are currently in production, by 2021 will change significantly. Lada will change with the introduction of a new industrial platform, the entire modern model range will change, «Venkaran Mamillapalle said Vice President of PJSC» AvtoVAZ «.

So everything goes according to plan.