New Kamaz promises to become popular


Today the Kama Autohyda is the largest manufacturer of trucks in the country. From his conveyors, the most diverse technique comes with. The range of equipment manufactured by KAMAZ has become so wide that it costs a separate conversation. But as far as it is competitive, this question is how it always leaves the field of view?

It is no secret that Kama Auto Giant has a subsidiary —

Today, NEFAZ is the third largest bus factory, after Pavlovsky and Likinsky.

The production of city buses on nefase began not immediately in the 70s of the last century, when KAMAZ was launched, and relatively recently, in 2000. The first model of the large capacity bus was NEFAZ-5299, which is actually made according to the drawings of another passenger model — LIAZ-5256. The revelation and presentation of the first Neftekhamsky bus took place on December 6, 2000.

It is worth carrying a small excursion in those already distant years. Then the Likinsky bus factory began to get out of the coma, and the cities of the country were required for the transportation of buses. That is, this production direction of KAMAZ appeared at the right period of time and at the right hour. In addition, the engine factory supplied the bus assembly produced by the country’s own manufacturer of KAMAZ-740 V8.

A little earlier, bus production appeared on Minsk Auto Plant (MAZ). At first they did a copy of the high-polished bus NEOPLAN (MAZ-104), and then constructed the poly linens and low-voltators (models of MAZ-103, MAZ-203). Why do we remember this? Yes, because the capital of Tatarstan is Kazan, Kazan, turned out to be a platform for competition between mazas and nphanes. Municipalities took into their fleets both Maza and nefhaz, and private cabins focused on nefhaz. Finding into the republican capital on business, we see this competition in urban routes.

Today, the nefhas is not just the third bus chain of the country. A new direction is open — the production of electric drives. A month ago, a third-party agreement was signed in the address «Mosgortrans» of the batches of 200 electric cases. But this is the future for all other Russian cities. Reality is prosaic, for urban traffic, you need buses with internal combustion engines.

Last year, 1404 nefhas died over the cities and weighs of the Russian Federation, it is somewhat less than Liazov (1593 pcs.). But in general

The needs of the domestic market of urban passenger transportation of large cities today are large and middle-class buses. In small cities, as you know, the «Paziki» dominate — small-class buses and vangonbuses.

Given the tough competition from both domestic producers (Liaz, Volzhanin) and Belarusian technology, at the enterprise seriously approached the modernization of the traditional large city bus Nelfase model 5299. At first, a period of one was built. Then, in the engine compartment, the Cummins ISBE6.7 engine was installed. It is produced at a joint venture «Kamminz Kama», here in Naberezhnye Chelny. This for the better influenced the economy of passenger enterprises, and the comfort of travel on such buses has improved — reduced the level of noise and vibration. Body frontal buses were replaced.

Today, nefhas represents a restyled low-voltage model. Bus design radically recycled. Instead of simple rectangular forms of familiar nefhazovsky silhouette, designers tried to give passenger technology interesting lines and outlines. The bus turned out to be modern. Since today the gas engine equipment appears on many municipal procurement, then the new bus is produced in the version of work on a compressed gas. True, for these purposes, the Chinese WEICHAI WP7NG engine is well suited.

But today nefhas leaves no attempt to penetrate the middle class of city buses (8-9 meters long). This class of buses have a very interesting story. Our channel covered it in detail.

In the middle of the last decade, this niche in many cities of the Russian Federation occupied

At that time, when the Chinese occupied our cities, the 8-meter model appeared at the Minsk Automobile Plant — MAZ-206/226. In the top 10 bus market of Russia, it settled in the list for a long time.

Today, the Lyaz-4292 Lyaz-4292 model is also presented in this class of buses. Now this is the most popular Russian 9-meter model of the bus. According to the statistics of the AFM-Holding, this Lykinskaya model diverged in the amount of 239 pieces around cities and water (see Table). More precisely, in the cities of the Moscow region, because today is being carried out by the Government of Mosoblasti.

At the exhibition ComTrans-2019, nefapovtsy in their exposition showed their new development of NEFAZ-4299. This urban semi-lingopal diesel bus can just be an excellent solution for routes with low passenger traffic (72 passes.). Moreover, the bus fully complies with the program «Affordable Wednesday», the fifth environmental class, equipped with an automatic KP, and the wheelchair race, in contrast to high-pollen buses of the GAME 3, does not require complex manipulations with a hydraulic motor. In a modern Russian city with a population of more than 100 thousand people. On routes there should be no vans, no frame buses on the chassis of commercial trucks with a spring suspension.

Well, now we will take a look at the Kama alternative.

The equipped mass of the newest non-flaza model is 8.1 tons. The buses interior has a traditional «amphitheater». This part of the passenger compartment leaves the steps up, as the leading bridge of KAMAZ-4297 is not portal type. The choice is simple — the traditional design more reliably serves on bad roads. I remember the case when on a Chinese bus, the sleeve mechanics of one carrier replaced the broken Chinese rear axle on domestic.

In the buse’s base in the low-voltage part there is a wide doorway (1245 mm). On the contrary, there is a spacious accumulative platform, a space for a wheelchair and an apparel for arrival is provided. The front door of a single-width of 650 mm wide is quite convenient on routes with non-intense passenger.

This is such a bus turned out from Nelfase / Kamaz. Now he will have to prove the right to life in various cities of Russia.

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